Man Hugs His Mother at His Graduation Ceremony

Planning a graduation party for a graduate or a going away bash for the soon-to-be college student? You picked out the food, decided on the decorations and planned and sent the invitations. The last important piece you don’t want to forget is the cake.

Use the beautiful cake as a centerpiece on your food spread table or as a decoration on the gift table. After all, it’s the last thing to be cut so your guests can admire it throughout the entire party.

Traditional Cakes

We offer beautiful graduation-themed cakes for all guest list sizes up to 80 people. Customize the cake by selecting your cake flavor, icing flavor, icing color and border design. Don’t forget to place your order with your local Bakery at least 24 hours before you need to pick up the cake.

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Choose your school’s colors and personalize your cake to show your school pride. If you want to add even more personalization, consider adding one of our photo frame cake toppers and display your graduation picture. Choose your favorite 4×6 photo and show off that proud smile for your family to see.

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Decadent Desserts

Our Decadent Dessert cakes are something to be excited about! These cakes are beautifully designed in-store and we have many to choose from – all made with high-quality ingredients. A few of our favorites include:

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For more information about these delicious desserts, check out our blog that dives into detail about each selection.

Sweet Treats

If you want to offer your guests other dessert treats, choose from cookies, brownies and even scones. If you’re still deciding on other food options, check out our graduation party planning blog. You can even place your order using our Online Easy Ordering platform.

All the hard work is done, so now it’s time to celebrate with your graduate! Share your favorite cakes with us in the comments below.

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