You don’t need to be a celebrity to create a dazzling spread that all your guests will be impressed with. Don’t be afraid to roll out the red carpet! Here are a few ways to glam up your party or movie night for a memorable evening this award season.


Dramatic Donuts

It’s easy to build elegant displays with simple items, all you’ll need is a little 02_17_SW_Oscars_Image 2imagination! This easy eye-catching piece calls for only three items—a Styrofoam cone, toothpicks, and Publix donut holes.

Directions: Place a single donut hole on one end of the toothpick, and gently stick the opposite end of the toothpick into the Styrofoam. Layer any which way you’d like!



02_17_SW_Oscars_Image 3Sparkling Sip

A splash of color and a touch of gold is the perfect accessory to any red carpet attire. Stir up some Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade and rim champagne glasses with edible gold sprinkles for a stunning final touch. Directions: To rim the glass, moisten the rim of the glass with either juice from a lime or simple syrup. Pour your rimming sprinkles on to a plate or saucer, then simply turn glass upside down and gently place the rim of the glass into the sprinkles.  Ta-da!

Chic Cupcakes02_17_SW_Oscars_Image 4

Let our Publix Bakery team tailor something sweet to complete your food ensemble. Just like your favorite little black dress, these cupcakes are perfect for any occasion.


 02_17_SW_Oscars_Image 5Salty Sweetness

With its salty and sweet performance, our Salted Caramel Popcorn Cones are an award-winning treat. Wrap each cone in white paper doilies to put a classic look on this modern recipe


Stunning Stars02_17_SW_Oscars_Image 6

It’s easy to bring a little shine to your party. Make your guests feel like the superstars they are by dishing up tastefully crafted hors d’oeuvres. Grab a block of cheese and use your favorite shaped cookie cutter for a snack that’s not only fun to eat, but fun to look at too!

Final Touches

Classic, trendy, or alluring—regardless of your party style, this table setting will complement any of your award show events. Fast and easy, it’ll take you no time at all.

02_17_SW_Oscars_Image 7

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Sasha W. began her career at Publix in 2007 as a cashier and has since gained experience in both Event Planning and Social Media – which is perfect, because the combination of those two interests are what drive the writing behind her favorite blog posts! A New England girl turned southern belle, Sasha loves taking her puppy on tropical adventures all throughout Florida. Describing herself as fifty percent manatee and fifty percent flamingo, Sasha hopes to bring fun and unique ideas to your future events!

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