For engaged couples around the world, planning a wedding in 2020 has been anything but a piece of cake. Florida native and soon-to-be-bride Erin Cohen experienced this firsthand when a venue change caused a hiccup in her plan to have a Publix wedding cake. Luckily, when our bakery team members heard about this, they stepped in to help make her special day even sweeter.

“From the beginning, having a Publix wedding cake was a consistent priority,” Erin said. That’s because Publix brings a sense of familiarity and nostalgia for Erin. She has memories of grabbing free cookies at the bakery as a kid and Pub subs from the deli as she got older.

Unexpectedly, the couple had to change the location of the wedding from Florida to Minnesota, where soon-to-be husband Ben’s parents live — hundreds of miles from the closest Publix.

They still wanted a Publix wedding cake, something so important to Erin that she and Ben tried to figure out all kinds of ways to get one to Minnesota— they even considered having her brother fly up with the cake. But pandemic-related travel restrictions made that option impossible.

The couple loves to cook, so they researched recipes to see whether they could recreate the Publix cake Erin has always dreamed about. While they made a strong effort, it wasn’t quite the real thing.

That’s when Publix stepped in to help. Our bakery team mailed frozen cake layers, buttercream icing and decorative flowers for the Bohemian Beauty cake to Ben’s parents’ house. Then, one of our bakery specialists, Brittany Lavallee, video called the customers and walked them through the process of decorating their cake. She provided step-by-step assistance from assembling to icing to applying the flowers. “Having fun is an important step in the baking and decorating process,” Brittany said. “These are the memories that mean the most and are truly homemade.”

When we asked the couple what their favorite part of the process was, they responded: “All the buttercream icing! We are so lucky to have a bowl of this in Minneapolis right now.” Erin and Ben said decorating their own wedding cake kicked off their wedding weekend.

Our bakery wanted to make sure Erin’s family in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who tuned in for the special day over Zoom could get a taste of the festivities too. Since they couldn’t be there in person, our bakery delivered a cake identical to the one Erin and Ben decorated in Minnesota, so the entire family could have the same wedding cake.

No matter the distance, we always want to be there for our customers. Congratulations to Erin and Ben and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness.

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