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Gathering around the dinner table with family is just as important as the meals you eat! We have fun tips to help you plan your week and get your kids involved and excited to prepare and eat meals together as a family. Let’s get cooking!

Plan for Success

Use weekly ad sales and BOGOs to your advantage! Plan your meals around what’s on sale, including specials and BOGOs. For example, purchase meat that is on sale and prepare enough for two or more meals. Save time by making your weekly meal menu and make your grocery list ahead of shopping with our Shopping List to make grocery shopping easier. With some planning, it may be easier to stick to your budget.

Did someone say Taco Tuesday? Who doesn’t love a good, themed dinner night? Let your kids choose the menu for the week. It will allow you to plan your shopping list accordingly and give your kids something to look forward to. A few ideas include:

  • Monday — Slow Cooker Meal
  • Tuesday — Taco Tuesday
  • Wednesday — Kids’ Favorite Dinner
  • Thursday — Breakfast for Dinner
  • Friday — Pizza Friday

Use a chalkboard or whiteboard and write down the weekly menu, so the whole family knows what’s for dinner each day!

Family Meal Menu options on chalkboard


Make Food Prep Fun

The prep work and cooking doesn’t have to be stressful! Make it fun and give each member of the family a task to complete in the kitchen. Assign tasks based on age. For example: The little ones can help with mixing and adding ingredients to the recipe. The older kids can help cut vegetables and fruits for the meal. The teens can take a stab at preparing the entire meal one night.

If you’re planning your Friday pizza night, the whole family can make personal pizzas using bakery pizza dough and adding any toppings and vegetables of their choice. To make it easier, buy pre-cut vegetables from the produce department. This is surely a night to look forward to as a family!

What meals do you prepare and eat as a family? Share with us on our social media accounts using #Publix!



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