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You’ve probably already heard of risotto – whether you saw it on a restaurant menu or heard about it on a cooking show. But what is it? Put simply, it’s a creamy Italian rice dish made with broth. Risotto is a delicious and luxurious meal, but you don’t have to wait until the next time you visit a fancy restaurant to try it. With a little time and patience, you could be on your way to making the perfect risotto dish at home.

Typically, risotto is made with starchy, plump, medium-to-short grain rice. Arborio rice has all those qualities and you can find it easily at your local Publix. Pro tip: Never rinse your rice before cooking it for risotto. The starch helps make it creamy!

Another important ingredient in risotto is the broth. Most recipes will specify what kind of broth to use, but you can typically expect it to call for chicken or vegetable broth. Some risotto recipes also call for wine to add an extra layer of flavor.

The key to a great risotto is the technique. Start with sautéing any vegetables in your recipe, such as garlic, mushrooms or onions, until soft and fragrant. Then, add the uncooked rice and cook for about 1 minute, until the grains become translucent. Next, begin to add the wine, if the recipe calls for it, or broth. Add it slowly – the recipe will tell you exactly how much to add at a time. The key is to stir continuously until the rice soaks up most of the liquid. Once that happens, you are ready to add more liquid. Repeat until all the broth is incorporated. Your risotto will end up with the perfect creamy texture!

If you’re ready to tackle risotto at home, these recipes from our Aprons team are a great place to start. They include delicious fall flavors, a baked risotto and even a soup. Enjoy!

Mushroom Risotto with Wine

Bowl of mushroom risotto with spoon

Fall Harvest Risotto with Garlic Shrimp

Bowl of risotto on table with burlap cloth

Pumpkin-Spiced Risotto

Bowl of pumpkin risotto in white bowl on floral table

Baked Risotto

Long plate of risotto on dark table with checkered napkin

Chicken Risotto Soup

Risotto soup in red bowl next to chive biscuits on green napkin



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