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Thanksgiving is the perfect time to practice gratitude and count your blessings. In years past, your celebrations were probably larger than they will be this year, which used to mean an extensive menu for the extended family. Even though this year’s feast may be smaller, we can still be thankful for those near and far.

Our Publix Aprons® team is known for creating the most delicious recipes, so they provided us with the best recipes for your smaller Thanksgiving celebration this year. These recipes are on the simpler side, so you can grab the little ones and get them involved. A little bit of time spent helping in the kitchen can lead to memories that last forever. From smaller entrees and sides to easy-to-make appetizers and desserts, you’re in for delicious eats that will leave you with fewer dishes to clean (now, that’s something to be thankful for).


 Brie Cups

Spend less time making and more time savoring with these delicious little brie-filled phyllo cups.

 Prosciutto Dates

Wrap up your appetizers with this quick and delicious prosciutto-wrapped dates recipe, so you can have more time with your family.


Orange-Glazed Ham

Slow down and treasure every moment with your loved ones and every bite of this delicious orange-glazed ham.

Sauce & Sides

Cranberry, Raspberry, Pear Sauce

Give traditional homemade cranberry sauce a refreshing twist and give your family a reason to come back for seconds.

Spinach Potatoes

If you’re pressed for time, make mashed potatoes even more delicious with this quick and tasty recipe.

Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans

Green beans are a Thanksgiving must-have. Wrap them in bacon and they become a must-devour.


Apple Pie Punch

Punch up the flavor of traditional apple cider with this easy-to-make Thanksgiving concoction.


Quick Cherry Pie

Making a special Thanksgiving dessert is as easy as pie. In this case, cherry pie.

Caramel Apple Bliss

Turn a special moment into a blissful one with the gooey goodness of this homemade caramel apple dessert.


In a world that moves so fast, it’s good to slow down. Now is the perfect time to make it even easier. If cooking isn’t on the menu this year, we have you covered with our holiday meals from our deli department. From all of us at The Publix Checkout and Publix, Happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. Juan Carlos

    Awesome options, I had tried a variant of the bacon-wrapped green beans, by using asparagus, this is worth a try too.
    And of course prosciutto-wrapped dates, I forgot about this one, going to try it again, most likely this weekend 😀

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