Orchids with miniature rose bushes in background.

Ensuring you have an inspiring workspace is an important part of breeding creativity and productivity. Perhaps you’re looking to liven up the atmosphere by adding some color and vibrance — what better way than with beautiful indoor plants from our floral department?

You may know our floral department as the go-to place for gorgeous bouquets and floral arrangements showcasing a myriad vivid colors, but did you know you can also find potted plants with barely blooming buds that will only get lovelier after you take them to your home or work office? So, what are you waiting for? Check out a few of the plants below you can find in your local Publix to transform your workspace into its full potential!


Did you know orchids are the largest family of flowering plants? They require shallow planting and grow best when placed in an east- to south-facing window or room. Orchids prefer bright, indirect light. They require ample water but should dry out some between watering.

Tip: Poke your finger about an inch into the soil. If it’s dry, it needs water; if wet, there’s no need to water it.

Orchid next to computer and coffee mug.


On Valentine’s Day, tulips are the second-most-gifted flower (behind roses). Upon purchasing or receiving tulips, remove any decorative paper surrounding the pot to allow the soil to breathe. Tulips like the sun, so be sure to put them in a sunny part of your workspace near the window. Water them only when the soil is dry to the touch and add fertilizer to help growth and bulb (flower) brightness. Use fertilizers labeled 10-20-10 or 7-10-2 (the first number indicates nitrogen for growth; the second, phosphorus for bloom; and the third, potash for plant health).

Tulips on desk next to computer and coffee mug.


Looking for a beautiful and great-smelling flower? Hyacinths are for you! They prefer cooler temperatures, which allows them to extend their bloom time. They also like full sun, so place them next to your window or under a lamp at your desk.


According to the Daffodil Data Bank, there are at least 25 different daffodil species and up to 13,000 hybrids. To get the most out of your daffodils, ensure they are properly watered by checking the soil in the pot once or twice a week. If the top of the soil begins to feel dry, water them. They like light, but be careful to not give them too much, as it can cause the flowers to burn and the bright colors to fade.

Calla Lilies

This flower was named after the Greek word for beautiful, calla. As beautiful as they are, never ingest calla lilies, as they are poisonous to humans and animals. They prefer some sun, but too much can easily burn the leaves. A cooler temperature for your workspace is better for these and it helps keep the soil moist.

Calla lilies on window sill.

Miniature Rose Bushes

The rose is the national flower of the United States and is even featured on the back of the U.S. quarter. They require a lot of water, so be sure to stick your finger in the soil every day or two to check for dryness. To keep blooms looking their best, remove dying flowers with pruners as soon as they fade. Be sure to give them a little sun each day if you’re able to. The sun helps them to bloom their very best!

Miniature rose bushes.


Did you know there are roughly 100 species of this beautiful flower? It’s native to southern and eastern Asia, and also North and South America. To grow healthy hydrangeas, make sure they have a lot of light and a good amount of water. Don’t allow them to dry out, but don’t overwater them either. If you have a humidifier in your home, this will help your hydrangeas, as they like humid areas.

Hydrangeas next to computer and coffee mug.


Now that you know what’s in stores near you, we want you to show us what you’ve got! Share pictures of your inspiring home or work office with us on Facebook and Instagram using #Publix.

Hydrangeas in front of orchids and tulips.


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