Publix Aprons Chefs demonstrating cooking technique on stove top as three class members watch and learn.

You see their smiling faces and taste their delicious recipes at Aprons kiosks in your local store, but did you know we have many different chefs who make up our Aprons crew? With 1,100 Aprons kiosks, 150 Catering desks and 11 Cooking Schools, this team stays busy working on delicious new recipes for our customers. Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be an Aprons chef at Publix!

Aprons® Cooking School Chefs

Each Aprons cooking school is staffed with a resident chef, assistant resident chef and sous chefs. These chefs are trained to teach demonstration and hands-on cooking classes and usually have a degree in culinary arts or the work experience equivalent of a degree.

You might think that a typical day for our Aprons cooking school chefs consists of a lot of time in the kitchen, right? They do, but there are many additional duties our chefs are responsible for outside of teaching cooking classes. Some of those include:

  • The resident chefs hire and train assistant resident chefs and sous chefs. This means they also complete all administrative duties that are tied to our cooking schools, Aprons kiosks (the delicious sample stations in our stores) and catering areas.
  • Our assistant resident chefs are responsible for all catering functions. They meet with potential clients, book the event, prep the event and execute off-site events. They work with our sous chefs and the catering consultant on catered events.

Of course, our chefs also focus on our Aprons cooking schools. Outside of their primary duties, they work on new class ideas and participate in local media, food and social events. Some events include the SAVOR St. Pete Food and Wine Festival, A Taste of Boca and the Virginia State Fair, just to mention a few.

Publix Corporate Recipe Development

Our cooking schools aren’t the only places with chefs! We have chefs at our corporate office in Lakeland, Florida, as well. The main function of the corporate recipe development team is exactly that — to create new recipes for our customers.

This team consists of our corporate chef, technical specialists, recipe development managers and recipe development technicians who are responsible for developing all of our recipes. Those recipes are used for Aprons kiosks, fresh recipes (recipe cards found in produce, meat/seafood, deli and bakery departments), Meal Kits, cooking school classes, in-store special events, divisional marketing activities, such as marathons and food festivals, customer wellness, social media, liquor store, deli limited-time products, Publix brand private label recipes (Publix products with a recipe on the package) and new products, such as GreenWise Market burrito/bowls and fresh sausages, to name a few.

Freezer display of Aprons Ready to Cook, Cook in Bag and Slow Cooker meals in the meat section.

When this team isn’t working on new recipes for our customers, they are developing class materials for ideas submitted by the cooking school chefs. That means they write and test recipes for each class!

So, what does it take to be part of our meals department team? Experience! All recipe development team members started in our Cooking Schools or Simple Meals program. Corporate chefs and technical specialists have also spent time working as a resident chef in the cooking schools. Everyone on the team attends symposiums, seminars, conferences and food shows throughout the year to stay updated on current food trends.

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    Hi, I currently work at Publix in Fort Myers FL. Is there a location near me with cooking class? I am interested in making a career as a Sous Chef.

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