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Since 1957, Publix Bakeries have produced the sweet treats we absolutely knead. Whether you’re a fan of our scratch-made bread or prefer a Key lime pie, our Publix bakers take pride in rolling out some of the tastiest products offered in our stores. Have you ever thought about what goes into making your favorite Publix Bakery items? We’re putting the spotlight on our bakers to learn more.

Baker Responsibilities

From mixing and proofing to baking and cooling, Publix bakers stay busy and active throughout their shift. A typical day starts early in the morning and consists of sifting through multiple responsibilities, including

  • assisting customers with orders
  • printing production reports and verifying bakery inventory
  • pulling racks of breads and rolls from the cooler to be proofed and baked
  • mixing doughs for the current day and next day’s cooler stock
  • baking doughnuts, bagels, artisan breads and rolls, cookies, coffee cakes, pies and more
  • checking the sales floor for any out-of-stocks
  • receiving and putting away ingredient deliveries
  • setting up breads or rolls for the next day and
  • mixing buttercream icing for the decorators.

Metal rack holding three different kinds of sub rolls including two rows of golden white sub rolls and one row of Italian 5 grain rolls covered in a variety of seeds and grains

Becoming a Baker

It’s no secret that our bakers are talented associates. They must learn the science behind traditional bread making and master the many skills associated with it. Bakers have a passion for serving people and often assist customers with product questions or suggestions. When they are not assisting customers, they are working with various kinds of equipment including ovens, mixers and forming equipment that shapes the product. It’s important for bakers to have attention to detail when working with equipment and baking — one misstep can alter the texture, taste or consistency of a recipe.

Since this role is considered a skilled position in our bakeries, knowledge of baking or experience as a baker apprentice is needed and you must be at least 18 years old. If you are interested in becoming a baker, submit an application online for a baker trainee position. Publix will provide on-the-job training needed for gaining the appropriate experience to become a Publix baker.

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