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From the online weekly ad to the Club Publix program, Publix has many digital offerings to help make shopping a pleasure for customers. Behind each of those offerings is a team of talented individuals contributing to Publix’s premier customer service. In our job spotlight series, we spotlight positions, teams and departments within the company and share insights into their roles. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on our digital and loyalty team in our marketing communications department!

The Digital and Loyalty Team

The digital and loyalty team is responsible for developing and executing digital marketing experiences, content management, the online weekly ad and loyalty programs. For example, the digital and loyalty team developed the Club Publix and Publix GreenWise Market Rewards programs and took part in launching Publix’s Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

As you can imagine, a typical day for the digital and loyalty team involves a lot of digital work on current programs and new initiatives. A day in the life on this team can range from managing a weekly email calendar to developing a strategy for a project more than a year before its launch. These projects include microsites, landing pages on the Publix website, emails, content management systems and more. For example, you may remember the Club Publix Pay-in-App Challenge. Club Publix members who joined the challenge were asked to use the Publix app to pay for five separate transactions to receive a free Publix half-sub. The digital and loyalty team developed a website for the challenge as well as email communications to remind customers of their progress in the challenge.

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There’s never a dull day for the digital and loyalty team! Across all the roles on the team, there is one commonality: the ability to positively impact Publix marketing. A major portion of the team is focused on digital media measurement and optimization. They use tools like Media Mix Modeling (MMM) and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) to constantly refine digital campaigns.  The team is highly cross functional and often challenged to define a new way of thinking, which drives change across the organization.  

Joining the Digital and Loyalty Team

If you have a background in managing or developing digital programs, this marketing communications subteam might be the career path for you! The digital and loyalty team often looks for candidates with enterprise experience and knowledge that allows them to effectively collaborate with other teams at Publix.

Outside of general industry experience, the team looks for candidates who are willing to constantly learn new skills. The digital world is ever-changing, and being able to keep up with those changes is vital to this team’s success. Candidates should also have client-ready or “people” skills. Associates work with other teams daily, and it’s important for them to host meetings and gather accurate information from other teams. Lastly, analytical skills are extremely helpful for any role on this team. Analyzing metrics helps the team understand the impact of a program and focus on its outcomes.

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Allison began her journey with Publix in 2017 on the social media team. While serving customers online, she realized she found her forever home. Her love for helping others and passion for Publix culture drove her to become the Employment Branding Specialist where she assists recruiters with advertising job openings through traditional print, digital and social media advertising. When Allison isn’t sharing what she loves about Publix to job seekers, she is usually watching college football with a Pub Sub in hand or riding one of her three horses. Allison looks forward to helping others learn about the career opportunities at Publix.

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