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Since 1986, Publix pharmacies have provided patients with premier customer service and care. With almost 1,200 pharmacies across seven states, you might wonder how we are able to connect with all our patients. Our registered pharmacy technicians support the daily operations of our pharmacies and interact with customers during each visit, building strong bonds and relationships. In this article, we’re highlighting our pharmacy technicians, who make a career out of caring.

Pharmacy Technician Responsibilities

Publix pharmacy technicians are the face of our pharmacies. They serve community health care needs by having the compassion and strength to help patients. Customers’ health is a priority, so getting to know each patient personally is the foundation of a pharmacy technician’s responsibilities.

These associates interact with customers to handle medication requests involving refills, clarifications with prescribers and insurance-related issues. Additionally, they perform clinical services, such as medication therapy management (MTM) calls to patients to ask if they have any questions about their medications. MTM calls give our patients the opportunity to report any side effects or reactions so the technician can let the pharmacist know. In some cases, pharmacy technicians even assist pharmacists by demonstrating how to take medications, promoting immunizations, providing over-the-counter medication information and performing other services.

As you can see, no day is boring for a pharmacy technician. An average shift lasts anywhere from four to eight hours and can be scheduled at any time of the day during operating hours. That’s right — there are many different shifts offered to pharmacy technicians!

Publix Pharmacy Technician in full uniform

Becoming a Pharmacy Technician

Since pharmacy technicians play such a big role in a patient’s overall health and well-being, there are certain requirements for becoming a registered technician. These requirements vary by state, but Publix provides on-the-job training at each location. That means you can learn while you work!

Being a Publix pharmacy technician requires attention to detail, a passion for understanding the science behind medicine and the ability to think quickly. Each day, our pharmacy technicians have the opportunity to make a difference and really impact a customer’s life. So, compassion and a positive attitude are two important skills to possess.

Interested in making a career out of caring? Visit apply.publix.jobs to apply for a pharmacy technician role, then stop by your local Publix Pharmacy to speak to a pharmacy manager. Our managers can share opportunities at their store, as well as surrounding locations, and can provide you with information about state requirements and expectations.

Our Publix pharmacy technicians find their work truly gratifying because they serve communities from a personal health care perspective. This role reflects many of Publix’s core values, including having a servant’s heart and giving back to the community. If you’d like to learn more about pharmacy opportunities, connect with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn!


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