Do you often find yourself browsing our Meat Department and suddenly become overwhelmed with the vast selection of steaks we carry? Staring in a daze, you begin to wonder, “Which steak is going to taste like that one steak I had at that restaurant?!” Or maybe you saw something on a cooking show with that one guy and you want to give it a go to impress your dinner guests, but forgot which steak they actually cooked. No biggie! That’s where we come in. Our meat associates are experts who have been slicing the perfect cuts for years and have given us the inside scoop to make sure you are prepared to make the ultimate steak. Let’s get started!

Publix Premium USDA Choice Beef

The outside is charred with grill marks. The inside is tender, juicy, and cooked to perfection. The aroma is irresistible, the flavor, even better. Of course, this perfect steak is nice and thick. We recommend our new Steakhouse Cuts, which are what you’d expect in a steakhouse, but can be found in the Meat Department at your Publix.

The Cuts

While we’re confident all of our steaks will be delicious when cooked, each cut has a different flavor profile. If you’ve ever had questions about what cut is best for you, we’re here to explain the differences so you can you select the right steak.


T-Bone and Porterhouse Steak

These steaks are big on flavor. Both cuts include a T-shaped bone in the center. The meat on the smaller side of the T-shaped bone is the tenderloin. This side is more tender and contains less fat. Meat on the larger side is the strip. More fat…more flavor. For best results, cook T-Bone and Porterhouse steaks at low temperatures. Always place the tenderloin side furthest away from the center of the heat on the grill.

Ribeye Steak

Ribeyes feature great marbling which helps with flavor. When cooked, the marbling creates a tender, juicy, and rich with flavor steak. Prefer a well-done steak? Go with a ribeye. The marbling maintains the meat’s moisture even with more cooking.



Strip Steak04_MJL_Steaks_BodyImage_5

The preferred steak of many steak lovers is the strip steak. Strip steaks are a high-quality cut from the short loin, which is the most tender section of beef. This cut also tends to be more affordable and is a great alternative to filet mignon. Strip steaks should be cut thick, which helps produce a delicious, great crust on the grill.



Top Sirloin and Sirloin Fillet04_MJL_Steaks_BodyImage_6

The top sirloin comes from the tender, juicy center of the sirloin. The fillet is the best part of the top sirloin. They’re both great for grilling. Make sure you take them off the grill when they reach 5 degrees Fahrenheit below your target temperature. These steaks tend to keep cooking, and you don’t want them to be dry when you’re ready to dig in.


Filet Mignon04_MJL_Steaks_BodyImage_2

This is the one…the most tender cut of meat. The cut you’ll pay a premium for at restaurants, but the one you can treat yourself to at home for much less. Filet mignon has a melt-in-your-mouth texture that makes it the perfect choice if you like a nice, rare steak.

Prepare the perfect steak.

First things first…how much steak do you need? A good average is roughly 9 to14 ounces per person, depending on thickness and whether or not your steak has a bone. You may be thinking, “That sure sounds like a lot, I don’t think I can eat all that!” Don’t fret! All meat will shrink in size and weight during cooking.

  • Get spicy! It’s time to add even MORE flavor to your delicious cuts of meat. Simple seasonings like olive oil, salt, and pepper will allow the natural flavor to shine through. Want to get a little crazy? Dry rubs, applied 15 to 30 minutes before grilling, can add flavor. Steak marinades, added 15 minutes to 22 hours in advance, can add juicy flavor throughout the steak.
  • Bring the steak to room temperature (leave steaks on the counter for about 20 minutes) just before cooking. This allows the steak to cook more quickly, which helps preserve its juices…and the flavor!


Go for the grill.

We recommend an outdoor gas, charcoal, or wood grill—and these tips.

  • Don’t oil the grate, but make sure it’s cleaned after each use with a brass or steel brush.
  • Preheat the grill for at least 10 minutes and check that your grill thermometer states the grill is heated to 450-500 degrees Fahrenheit with the lid closed.
  • Get gorgeous grill marks and even cooking. Pick a corner of the steak and point it to 10:00. After 1/4 of the cooking time passes, rotate that corner to 2:00. Repeat on the other side of the steak.
  • Start hot, then cool a bit. Twenty minutes of direct heat followed by a finish on indirect heat results in a nice crust and tender center.
  • Prepare for flare-ups.Keep a spray bottle of water and a sheet of foil handy. In the case of a flare up, mist water on the flames and prevent dripping fat by sliding the foil under your steak.

04_MJL_Steaks_Grilled Steak

Timing is everything.

Our Publix Steakhouse Cuts take longer to cook than thinner steaks. This shouldn’t be a surprise…perfection takes patience, right? Check the temperature with an instant-read thermometer after 3/4 of the recommended cooking time, and then as needed, until it reaches the desired temperature. Remember—always remove the meat from the grill at 5 degrees Fahrenheit below your target temperature. It will continue to cook off the grill for a few minutes.

Once off of the grill, leave the steak uncovered and be sure to not pierce or slice the meat for at least 5 minutes (per inch of thickness) to preserve the juices and moisture.

Cooking Times and Temperatures

The basic internal temperatures to target when cooking steak are:

  • Medium-Rare (MR):145°F
  • Medium (M):160°F
  • Medium-Well (MW): 165°F

Use this chart to determine the preferred cooking times for each cut of steak. Remember that grills vary and cook times may be slightly different. To cook a thicker or thinner cut, simply add or subtract approximately 2 minutes of cook time for every quarter-inch increase or decrease in thickness.

Steak Cut Ideal Thickness Approximate Cooking Time in Minutes
T-Bone and Porterhouse 1.5″ MR 16-18 M 19-21 MW 22-24
Ribeye Steak 1.5″ MR 8-10 M 11-13 MW 14-16
Strip Steak 1.5″ MR 10-12 M 13-15 MW 16-18
Filet Mignon (Tenderloin) 1.75″ MR 15-16 M 18-19 MW 21-22
Top Sirloin and Sirloin Fillet 1.5″ MR 16-18 M 18-19 MW 20-22


There you have it. Our ultimate guide to selecting and grilling the perfect steak! If you have questions, our Meat Department associates are a smile away! What type of steak will you be cooking next?


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