What comes to mind when you think of a New Year’s Eve party? Is it the bubbly drinks? Or maybe it’s that special moment when you kiss your significant other at midnight. However, if you have kids you might also like watching the ball drop together as a family. Why not put all three of those things together? From food to activities, we’ve got some great tips for you to throw the ultimate kid-friendly New Year’s Eve party!

Crafts and Activities

Let’s face it, children and adults love watching movies. Twist things up by having an outside movie screening at your kid-friendly New Year’s Eve party! It may sound complicated, but we promise it’s not. Grab a white sheet and hang it against a wall or from a tree branch outside and rent a projector. If you don’t want to rent a projector you can also wheel a TV outside to show the movie.

Next, select the perfect seating for this movie screening. Depending on the size of your party (or depending on whether the adults are participating as well), you may want to lay blankets and pillows out or set up lawn chairs. Keep in mind it might be a little chilly out for kids so be sure to have extra blankets around. If it’s too cold for an outside movie, grab extra pillows and blankets and set up a cozy movie room inside!

Countdown to midnight with balloon pops. Blow up one balloon for each hour from the start of the party to midnight (or bedtime for the younger children). Write the time on each balloon. You can pop the balloons hourly or in 30-minute increments. For even more fun write an activity on a piece of paper and roll it and tuck it into each balloon before filling. Once the balloon is popped the kids will do that activity until the next balloon popping!

colorful balloons group


Mocktails for Kids

Whether you’re a dunker or not, a milk and cookie toast is a must have at your kid-friendly New Year’s party! Select your choice of milk in a plastic cocktail glass and add a cookie for the perfect midnight toast.


An apple juice non-alcoholic cocktail is definitely on the menu! Choose a fun, plastic cocktail glass and add your favorite sparkling apple juice or grape juice. Then add candy, gummy bears or rock candy. Watch your creation bubble and change color with the colors of the candy.




A sugary treat only for the brave. Create fun sugar rushes with a cupcake cocktail. Instead of using juice or milk, fill a plastic cocktail glass with candy and top it off with a cupcake!


We can’t forget the ice cream! Add a scoop (or two) of ice cream to a plastic wine glass and add your favorite soda for the perfect float.



Fuel for the Kids

Keep the little ones fully charged to bring in the new year with delicious food. Our Aprons crew teamed up to create these fun, kid-inspired recipes perfect for a kid-friendly New Year’s Eve party.


Small BitesSmall bites:

Ranch Macaroni and Cheese Cups

Pressed Mini Cubans

Strawberry Cookie Bites


Italian Paninos


Easy Buffalo-Style Chicken Pizza


We hope your kid-friendly New Year’s Eve party is topped off by watching the ball drop with the whole family. Do you have any fun activities you do with your kids for New Year’s? Share them with us in the comments below!



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