Are you familiar with quiches and frittatas? If you’re like us and are a big fan of a delicious breakfast, you likely are.

A quiche is a French food that can be described as a baked custard that is savory instead of sweet. It consists of a pastry or pie crust that is filled with eggs, meats, cheeses, seafood or vegetables. Quiche Lorraine, which includes bacon, is typically the most popular type of quiche. You can serve quiches hot or cold, depending on what you’re in the mood for. Similar to an omelet, a frittata is an egg-based Italian dish featuring ingredients such as meats, cheeses or vegetables. Frittata is an Italian word and roughly translates to “fried.” Sounds delicious, right?

Our Publix Aprons® team provided recipes that are perfect for your next weekend breakfast.

Southern Squash and Shrimp Quiche


Squash Quiche with Thyme and Mozzarella


Ham and Mushroom Quiche


Southwestern Frittata


English Muffin Frittata


Give these a try and let us know which dish you prefer in the comments — quiches or frittatas?


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