When it comes to entertaining, switch up your traditional go-to appetizer recipes and create a beautiful meat and cheese masterpiece — a charcuterie board! “Charcuterie” describes any kind of cured meat. A “charcuterie board” is the assortment of meats accompanied by cheeses, fruits, breads and garnishes. When creating your own, include different kinds of meats, cheeses, fruits, pickles, olives and other savory bites for added color and flavor. The more the better, right? Learn how to put together a charcuterie board like a pro.

The key to creating your own charcuterie board is variety. Include different flavors and textures so your guests have several options to choose from. When choosing your board, hosts will traditionally use a wooden or slate surface, but you can choose any kind of platter. Make sure your board is large enough to hold all your goodies!

Choose the Meats

When selecting meats, go for a variety that you know your guests will enjoy. Commonly you’ll find:

Publix Deli Packaged Meat

Add the Cheese

You cannot go wrong when selecting cheeses since there are many specialty cheese options found in our deli. For top flavor, serve your cheeses at room temperature. Use a separate knife for each cheese so the flavors do not mix. Stop by our deli specialty cheese case and you’ll find more than 36 delicious varieties from across Europe and America. A few you should try right away include:

Publix Deli Specialty Cheese

Another tip: Label each cheese on the board so your guests know exactly what they are adding to their plate!


Select the Garnish

Add an assortment of pickles, olives, fruits, nuts, jams and mustards to include more texture, flavor and color to your board. Our deli has great options of olives, pickles and peppers to choose from.


Bread and Crackers, Please!

Baguettes, crackers, pretzels, oh my! Whether you prefer traditional crackers and pretzels or something soft like pita or naan, anything works! Finish it up with bread and crackers and voila; you’ve created a beautiful charcuterie platter.



There’s no right or wrong way to put together your own charcuterie board, so have fun with it! Have you ever created your own charcuterie board? Share your tips and photos of your boards with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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