We take great pride in knowing that you rely on us to provide quality food at a fair price and in sustainable ways, and our seafood offerings are no exception.

As we grow, it’s our responsibility to ensure that we do so while working to improve the methods by which our products reach their destinations, starting at their source, all the way to your home. Over the last several months, we’ve made a major advance in our seafood sustainability efforts thanks to our participation in the Ocean Disclosure Project.


What is the Ocean Disclosure Project?05_17_SP_Seafood_ODP_Image 1

Working with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (a non-governmental environmental group), Publix and its seafood suppliers have endeavored to create an easy reference for our customers to understand where and how our seafood is sourced. By making this information readily available, along with explanations of the fishing methods and details of the certifications of each fishery, it is our belief that customers will be able to make more informed decisions when shopping with Publix.


How will this help improve the sustainability of your seafood?

The sustainability of seafood products is becoming more important to our customers, and we want to provide you and your family with as much information as possible. For some types of seafood, a truly sustainable option may not currently be available. Making these issues known allows you to make an informed choice, or consider another catch that may be sourced more sustainably.

For other items, a more sustainable option may be possible. The ability to identify these fisheries allows us to work with our suppliers in order to develop fishery improvement plans. We expect our suppliers to meet industry standards, and to make improvements when they have been notified of the results of the Ocean Disclosure Project if it is determined that their performance is not satisfactory and that better methods or processes exist. So far, Publix has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in a dozen plans with the goal of reducing bycatch and make fishing more environmentally friendly.


What will be included in this project?

We’re committed to making information available about as many of our seafood products as possible. To that end, information about all fresh, wild-caught and most frozen seafood products in our stores is available now. With a goal of quarterly updates to this project, we will expand it to include all of our Publix-brand fresh and frozen, wild-caught and single-ingredient aquaculture items available in our Seafood department.


Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, and we’re working to make it easier for our customers to do their part. This is just one of several projects to which Publix is actively committed — learn more about our other sustainability efforts and what you can do to help.

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