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If you’re looking for foods to fit into your diet, you’ve come to the right place! To help make your shopping trips easier and make choices to fit your personalized eating style or dietary needs, we’ve created these easy-to-follow icons, conveniently located on our shelf tags. We’re here to  break down the differences in our icons to help you choose the right ones for you.

Better Choice Icon

Dark green squircle icon with white letters that read better choice

Looking to be more conscious about what you eat? Our Better Choice icon is the one you’re looking for. Our registered dietitian nutritionists have used the latest scientific research to compare groups of similar products and identify items that have more of the nutrients you need, like fiber, and less of the things you don’t need, like saturated fat, added sodium or added sugar.

Gluten Free Icon

dark purple squircle icon with white letters that reads gluten free

The purple and white Gluten Free icon tells you which items are gluten free. The only products to receive this shelf tag are the items declared gluten free by their manufacturers, in accordance with FDA regulations.


Made Without Iconbright green squircle icon with white letters that reads made without and a link reading

If cutting out artificial preservatives, flavors or colors is important to you, the made without icon might be what you’re looking for. This icon represents foods that are made without those ingredients, but may contain color from natural sources. Check out the list of ingredients you won’t find in any of the items with our made without icon on the shelf tag.


USDA Organic and 70% Organic Icons

Circle with brown trim with green letters that read USDA underneath in white letters on a green field read ORGANICmint colored squircle icon with white letters that reads made without and a link reading made with at least seventy percent organic ingredients

Our USDA Organic icon will show you USDA-certified organic items. The green and white icon lets you know the item is made with 95% or more organic ingredients.

Our mint and white 70% Organic icon lets you know which items are made with at least 70% organic ingredients.

Publix Wellness USDA Organic Icon

Publix Wellness 70 Percent Gluten Icon


Check out items that match up with our Leaf, Gluten Free and Organic icons before shopping in our Product Catalog. This catalog can be sorted by dietary consideration and makes it easy to add items straight to your shopping list. If you need any advice, our Publix Dietitians are always here to help.

We hop these icons help you during your next shopping trip with us. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which ones you’re going to look for.

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