By now, we hope you’re all familiar with our Mr. George Gold Coin Award and what it means to receive one. If your memory needs brushing up, have no fear! You can find the blog where we explain it all here.

As you know, each month we select one story that’s been shared with us by a customer to feature here at The Publix Checkout. This month, we had the opportunity to chat with Gold Coin Award honoree Becca N. from Hudson, Florida.

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Becca first joined the Publix family in 2014 and says that her absolute favorite thing about her job is being able to make so many friends with both fellow associates and the amazing customers at check out. She loves working at the register because of the opportunity she’s given each and every time to make someone’s day with the simplest of gestures. Her goal at the end of every transaction is to make sure her customers have had a positive and pleasurable experience.

During our chat, we asked Becca what she loves most about Publix and she told us the family atmosphere is one of the most important things that separates us from the competition. She considers her coworkers to be part of her family and they consider her a part of theirs as well. When we asked everyone for a few words to describe Becca, “dedicated and caring” were the first two to come out of their mouths.


The Story

This month, our Gold Coin Award story is brought to us by Gerry E. of Hudson, Florida. To truly understand the significance behind why Becca was honored with the Gold Coin Award, we’ll need to take you back a few months to the time the two first met.

It was an abnormally hot summer afternoon in Florida when Becca first noticed Ms. Gerry waiting out  front for her ride. At first, Becca said she didn’t think much of it, as customers in the area like to be dropped off for their shopping and picked up out front of the store all the time. It wasn’t until a significant amount of time passed by that Becca noticed Ms. Gerry still sitting out front,  and decided to approach her. The two sat together and had a nice chat while they waited for her cab to arrive. It was then that Gerry told Becca about her poor vision and explained why she had to rely on cabs to get around town.  After they finished loading her groceries into the trunk, Becca shared her phone number with Gerry and said to call if ever she needed anything in the future.

One day, Gerry decided to take Becca up on her offer and gave her a call. The two shared their schedules and planned out a day later in the week when Becca was off so she could take her shopping. After their shopping trip, they decided to have some lunch in the plaza where the Publix is located and really the rest is history.

Since then, there have been numerous lunch/shopping trips and Ms. Gerry says that the bond they’ve created is one she holds very close to her. She describes Becca as an exemplary Publix associate and says that her kind nature and loving efforts at such a young age will take her far. She says that she has truly made a difference for her, not only while shopping at Publix, but in her life as well, because the hope she’s given her is something you can’t buy.

After this story was shared with us, it was clear that we had to recognize Becca for truly going above and beyond to provide premier customer service. After being presented with the Gold Coin Award, Becca says she was completely speechless and totally caught off guard. Becca says that she feels very thankful to be recognized with such an honor and to be able to represent Publix in such a great way.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have an associate like Becca and we can’t wait to see all she can do for our company in the future.


Have you ever witnessed an associate truly going above and beyond at your local Publix? Share your story with us on Facebook, Twitter, via our Contact Us page, or give our Customer Care team a call at (800) 242-1227.


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When Chris M. is writing his blogs, you’ll find him sipping on Starbucks iced coffee and munching on his favorite Publix brand product – the peanut butter pretzels from our Produce department! His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, because he loves being together with family, surrounded by delicious food. Joining the Publix team at just 14 in 2006, Chris enjoys taking the love that has grown for his company over the years and using it to share interesting stories you may not already know about Publix. All in all, Chris is a huge people person and loves spending time with friends – he knows there’s always adventure to be found together!

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  1. Michelle Meadows

    This is such a heart-warming story! Way to go Becca!! People taking care of people…..that way it should be but many of us are either afraid to step out or think we’re too busy. Becca would probably say that she was/is even more blessed than Ms. Gerry, right Becca? I just love how God weaves lives together. I was not aware of the Mr. George Gold Coin award. What a brilliant program for any service-oriented company to implement! Looking forward to more of these stories. …they help me stay more aware of who might need a helping hand. PS–I like the way Chris M. writes……really pulls you in and keeps you interested, making every word count :)

    1. Chris M.Chris M.

      Awww! You just made my day, Michelle! Thank you so much for the wonderfully kind words. It sure is a great program we have here, huh? I look forward to writing more for you to enjoy. I hope you have a GREAT weekend! :)

  2. guadalupe mcnally

    I love the idea of the Gold Coin Recognition Program. I wish more companies would make the effort to recognize their employees in such a way. Associates like Becca are one of many reasons why I will always be a loyal Publix customer. The world in general needs more people like this young lady!

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