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October is here! Things are getting sweeter with an abundance of candy for Halloween and the holidays right around the corner. Adding to the sweetness is the Mr. George Gold Coin Award story we received from a passionate, lifelong Publix customer on the trek to find her favorite ice cream. If you haven’t read any of our other Mr. George Gold Coin Award stories before and aren’t familiar with our reward program, check out more stories here.

This month’s Mr. George Gold Coin Award recipient is Assistant Customer Service Manager Emily Champagne from Store #122 in Powder Springs, Georgia Since starting her career with Publix in 2011, Emily has been making customers smile with her outgoing personality and dedication to providing premier service. She shared, “My daily mission is to treat every customer who walks through our doors like kings and queens.” When we spoke with her coworkers, they described Emily as a very hard worker who always takes the time to help associates learn new skills or help with problems they may be experiencing, whether personal or work related.

When she’s not working or spending time with her friends and family, Emily loves to travel. Exploring new cultures and visiting different places throughout the country and abroad is her favorite activity. Her goal is to travel to all seven continents and never stop exploring. An extraordinarily well-traveled person for her age, Emily told us that “Life is best lived through experiences.”

Mr. George Gold Coin RecipientThe Story

A lifelong Publix customer, Tiffany, was shopping and looking for the flavor “Bride’s Cake” from Blue Bell ice cream. When she didn’t see it on the shelf, she went to the Customer Service desk to ask Emily if the store carried it. With a smile, Emily told her she’d look into her request further while she finished shopping. Unfortunately, Emily returned with bad news. This Blue Bell flavor is only found in certain states, and Georgia wasn’t one of them.

One state that did carry this ice cream was Louisiana. Little did Tiffany know, Emily was headed there the following week on vacation! While on her trip, Emily was in a local grocery store with some friends and remembered Tiffany’s request. She walked down the frozen food aisles and what did she find? That’s right! The Blue Bell flavor Tiffany requested. Upon seeing it in the store, Emily immediately knew she had to figure out a way to get that ice cream back to Georgia.

A cooler, two gallons of ice cream, and A LOT of dry ice later, Tiffany’s ice cream made it home safely to Georgia. When we spoke with her, she was beyond excited at the efforts Emily went to get her a couple of gallons of ice cream and told us she felt like a queen. Emily smiled, “That’s what it’s all about.”


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