If you’re engaged or married, you remember the wonderful day when you got asked the big question. Whether you dropped down on one knee or were on the receiving end of the question, it’s sure to be a day that will live in your memories forever. Imagine your shock and surprise if while you were doing your weekly grocery shopping, picking up your favorite prepared foods from the deli and selecting those ripe fruits and vegetables in produce then you noticed the diamond in your engagement ring was missing. Earlier this year, this exact thing happened to a customer shopping in store #616.


Elizabeth Stewart was visiting her parents in Midway, Georgia for vacation and needed to go grocery shopping with her mom. While doing their shopping at store #616 in Alpharetta, Georgia, she noticed that her engagement ring kept getting caught in her pocket. She shared, “It felt weird, but I didn’t think much of it because I had only been engaged for two weeks!” While in the produce department, she was picking out some apples and realized that the setting of the ring was missing.

Panic immediately set in! “Where was it?! It must be here somewhere! I was freaking out beyond belief,” Elizabeth shared. While she was visibly shaking and sporadically looking everywhere, the staff at store #616 stepped into help. “The staff at Publix was amazing. They helped me look everywhere. Store Manager John Turner got out a broom to sweep everywhere I had walked previously. He swept the entire store twice with a large dust-mop.” Unfortunately, they didn’t find anything. John assured Elizabeth they would continue to look after the store closed and reach out to her to let her know the results.

When Elizabeth and her mom got home, they turned the house upside down and searched everywhere. They still didn’t find anything. “I finally accepted that my diamond was gone. I didn’t know how to break the news to my new fiancé. I was devastated,” Elizabeth said. About 10:15 p.m., she received a call from an unknown phone number. When she answered, the voice on the other end said, “I have good news. I have found your missing diamond!” Produce Manager Chris Diehl was the one on the other end of that phone. He was the closing manager in charge and was told by the cashier, Jennifer Pridemore-Ruth, that she found something in the broom during her store sweep at the end of the night.


Chris told Elizabeth she could pick it up that evening, even though they were already closed. “I am so thankful to Midway Publix for everything they did to calm me and that they were able to find my stone. I am so happy there are still honest, good people out there! They even gave me a Publix envelope labeled missing diamond. I will never forget this!” Elizabeth told us.

We couldn’t be prouder of John, Chris and Jennifer for going above and beyond and living up to the values that Mr. George instilled in all Publix associates.


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