September’s Gold Coin Award recipient is Assistant Grocery Manager Justin Mollette from Johns Creek, Georgia. Starting with Publix in 2014, Justin has had great leadership from his Store Manager, David Brewer. David instills the lessons he learned from Mr. George into his associates. David shared his thoughts with us, “What separates Publix is our willingness to treat every customer like kings and queens when they step foot into our store.” With David’s office decor all-things green and with abundant Publix memorabilia, including his own Gold Coin Award, Justin uses this as a daily reminder of just how significant the Mr. George award is.

When he’s not working, Justin’s favorite activities include anything having to do with the outdoors. Whether he’s kayaking, hiking, fishing or biking the trails, he loves to spend time outdoors with his family. His coworkers often describe him as very dedicated to family while also being a team player in the store.

The Story

It started out as a typical workday. Justin clocked in, met with the stock crew and set out to accomplish the daily tasks. During his meeting, he realized that his coworkers were not in their normal, energetic mood. To liven them up, he did what he does best — sing. It seemed to work. Mid-way through his shift, he was paged for a phone call that required his assistance.


Jeff, a customer in Johns Creek, called his local Publix to see if they carried a specific cake mix needed for his son’s birthday party the next day. After checking the shelf, Justin had to share the unfortunate news that they did not carry the item Jeff requested. This was disappointing since this is the only cake mix his son was able to eat. Never one to disappoint a customer, Justin made it his mission to make sure Jeff would get the cake mix he needed.

He stepped into action, searching nearby stores to see if they carried the mix. Unfortunately, not one store in the area carried it. Thinking about his own son, he asked his manager, David, for advice. David shared that Publix was founded on the principles of service. “Whatever it takes, however far we have to go, we must never disappoint our customers.”

Justin decided to think outside of the box and started calling competitors in the area. After 20 stores, he found a location carrying the product. Though this store was over 30 miles away, the distance was not going to stop him. After getting the product and arriving back at his store, his shift was coming to an end. He left the cake mix at the Customer Service counter and made sure to let the staff know that this would be free of charge.

Before he clocked out, Justin purchased a birthday card for Jeff’s son and asked the entire staff sign it. Jeff was blown away by the lengths Justin went to find the product for him, and was brought to tears when he realized that Jeff included a birthday card for his son. Jeff told us that his son had the best birthday party the following day.

When asked what the Mr. George Gold Coin Award means to him, Justin says it’s an honor, and that he is happy to start his own collection of memorabilia like his manager, David. “From our orientation with Publix, to the Mission Statement, to Mr. George’s mottos, premier customer service is built into us. We do it because we want to.”

We agree, Justin. We agree.


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