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This month, we had the pleasure of speaking with rock star customer service manager and Gold Coin Award honoree, Lisa Jackson, from Jacksonville, Florida. Lisa has been a member of the Publix family since 1982, and brings to her team an endless supply of knowledge for providing premier customer service.

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Born and raised in Alaska, Lisa told us that she had no idea what a Publix was until the age of 13 when her family moved to Florida. It was during her first shopping trip that she fell in love with Publix and knew it was where she wanted to work, admiring the Publix associates’ willingness to do everything and anything to make sure customers were having a premier shopping experience. Being able to interact one on one with customers and having the ability to help out in the way that feels best is what made her want to make Publix not just her first job, but her career.

Lisa stresses the importance of making sure customers understand that we truly care about them, that they’re not just a face we see every few days, but family members we look forward to having shop with us.

The Story

Jenn, a customer in Jacksonville whose week was off to a less-than-ideal start, was a patient at a nearby clinic and decided to stop in to Publix on her way back to her hotel. Explaining to the cashier that she wasn’t feeling well, she asked if there were any restaurants in the shopping center that could deliver to her room. The cashier brought Jenn to the customer service desk for Lisa’s help. Brainstorming with a few other associates, they concluded there weren’t many options in the area that would meet her needs.

Being the rock star that she is, Lisa took this opportunity to go above and beyond and gave Jenn her personal phone number. She knew that it wasn’t easy enduring a series of tests, especially alone, and felt that offering to bring her anything she needed was the least she could do. Lisa gave Jenn a big hug and told her to call for anything, even if it was just for orange juice, and she’d personally bring it over.

This kind gesture moved Jenn to tears because of the kindness and compassion she was shown by a complete stranger. Offering to take time out of her busy day to bring something needed, she went on to say, was truly something she’d never experienced before. This, she said, is the reason why she will always choose to shop at Publix.

Receiving this award, Lisa says, is a highlight in her 35 years with Publix, confirming that she’s making a difference.

Thank you, Lisa, for always going above and beyond for your customers, and for your willingness to do whatever it takes to put a smile on their faces. We look forward to hearing more wonderful stories about you, and those you’ve mentored, in the future.

Have you ever witnessed an associate going above and beyond at your local Publix? Share your story with us on Facebook, Twitter, via our Contact Us page, or give our Customer Care team a call at (800) 242-1227. To read the stories of other recipients of the Mr. George Gold Coin Award, check them out here.


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