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06_Post 1_MJL_GoldCoin_Image 1Robert Golden III, a front service clerk at Store #340 is this month’s Mr. George Gold Coin Award recipient. If you live in South Florida, perhaps you’ll remember seeing his story featured in the Palm Beach Post. On December 13, 2017, Robert was leaving his school and witnessed a motorcycle get into an accident with a car. He stopped to see if he could offer any help. It was at this time Robert noticed that the motorcycle rider’s leg had been severely injured and he was bleeding out.

Robert sprang into action utilizing the lessons his father had taught him. His father, a U.S. Army veteran, taught him at a young age how to apply a tourniquet. Robert applied a tourniquet to the motorcyclists leg using another witness’s belt to force the bleeding to stop. Without Robert’s brave actions this day, the motorcyclist could have lost his life.

When we asked Robert’s coworkers to describe him, the first word they use, was “caring.” How fitting is that? When he’s not working, Robert enjoys spending time with his family, especially his father. Robert and his dad have a great time working on cars together and fixing them up. Now a student at Indian River State College, Robert is studying to become a paramedic. He told us he wants to be able to help people every day.


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Matthew started with Publix in 2009. After working his way up to a Publix Manager, Matthew decided to make a change from retail and pursue his passion for writing. Matthew enjoys hearing stories from the people he's writing about and loves the Publix culture. Outside of work, Matthew enjoys spending time with his wife, son and their dog. They love to explore all that Central Florida has to offer.

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