A new year calls for an all-new series on The Publix Checkout. Welcome to the “My Publix” series! This one is all about you, the customer, and the Publix stores you shop in—the store you tell your friends about, the one you visit every week! We’ve scoured our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and asked you to share your stories about what makes the Publix store you shop in so special. The amount of feedback we received was incredible. Our first entry is from Joe M. about Store #1616 in Dunnellon, Florida. This store received a lot of feedback from lifelong Publix fans, which is why we chose this for our first entry.

Store #1616:

“I’ve lived in Dunnellon, Florida for half of my life. The past thirty years I’ve been here, there’s been one thing missing from our wonderful, tight knit community… Publix! I’m so glad the day has finally arrived. I used to drive to Ocala, Florida (nearly an hour away) just to shop at Publix. Everyone at the new store location in Dunnellon is so nice and the unique store layout, with the concrete floors, creates such an amazing look throughout the store that makes this location feel unique to my community.”



A customer on Instagram told us, “Nikki is the reason the Dunnellon, Florida Publix is now called ‘My Publix’!” I’ve known her from other Publix stores she’s worked in. She’s seen my children grow up and has always been so sweet to my them. Whether she’s offering them a cookie or just chatting with me, Nikki truly makes shopping a pleasure every time I’m in My Publix.”


Aprons Team

We spoke with a Lakeland Apron Retail Improvement Specialist, Bill Fenton, who was at the grand opening, this store in Dunnellon. Bill shared, “Our Aprons team here is excited to meet and see so many familiar faces. A lot of associates in this store live in the area. With it being such a tight-knit community, it’ll give Aprons the ability to serve delicious meals and smiles each day.”



Martha G. in Dunnellon, Florida reached out to us on Facebook about the sushi in our Seafood department and couldn’t believe how delicious it tastes. “My favorite new item is the poke bowls and I especially love going on Wednesday for whatever sushi is on sale for $5 that week.”


Friendly Faces

We spoke with the Store Manager, Kenny P. about what opening the first store in the Dunnellon community meant to him. “Located in Marion County, Dunnellon is a small community with passionate residents. They love their city and are very vocal about the different businesses that open here. One thing I couldn’t get over is the amount of love customers have for Publix and our culture of customer service. I’ve been included in numerous store openings throughout my career with Publix and the opening for the store here was like one I’ve never seen or experienced before.”



We hope you enjoyed reading what makes customers call Store #1616 in Dunnellon, Florida “My Publix!” Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #Publix to let us know what store you shop in and why you call it “My Publix.”

Matthew L.

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Matthew L. started with Publix in 2009. After working his way up to a Publix Manager, Matthew decided to make a change from retail and pursue his passion for writing. Matthew enjoys hearing stories from the people he's writing about and loves the Publix culture. Outside of work, Matthew enjoys spending time with his wife and their dog, Edmund. They love to explore all that Central Florida has to offer.

12 Comments on “My Publix: Dunnellon, Florida

  1. Jessica Danielsen

    I love my store #0502 in Fleming Island. I’ve been shopping this store for 23 years now and it is a great place to shop. From the cleanliness to the premiere service and everything else in between, I won’t want to shop anywhere else. Love it so much that now I’m apart of the team. Love to return the service that I have come to love with our customers.

  2. Jamie Fineberg

    I love Publix store 759. Not only is the staff super friendly and helpful but they always put a smile on your face. Store 759 is super clean and always has a great atmosphere. The bakery is always handing out cookies to little kids. The deli has great samples and customer service is just amazing. They help you find items that you can’t find. That’s why I love store 759.

  3. Jamie Fineberg

    I love store 759! Everyone here is super friendly and super helpful. I’ve gone to different public citizen help or anything so I stick to this one .

  4. Maria DeFalco

    My Publix is store 167. I have shopped here from when I was a child at my mothers side, I am now in my 60’s. I love the small hometown feel of the store. Also the people remember you cause they see you all the time and know what you buy. Also there are the 2 baggers that always help me cause they know I like certain things packed certain ways. I pass up in shopping other stores just to shop here.

    1. Matthew L.Matthew L.

      Hey Maria,

      Thanks so much for your loyalty. We love to hear stories like this about generations of shoppers with Publix. Thanks for shopping with us!

  5. Keith Marr

    I have to give thanks to my Publix, store 1559.
    They have not quite been open for a full year, and they are rockin’. Several associates and Management have been promoted in this year, the shopping experience is beyond measure, the Aprons is always fresh and new, the level of excitement since Grand Opening has only diminished by the Board Head bell ringing every few seconds, my neighbors and acquaintances love the store, we meet new people every time I’m in ( and I’m in there alot), and during this past year; the manager was out for several weeks for maternity AND the assistant store manager was out a couple of weeks with his new baby. The store did not miss a beat, and still got people promoted.
    The District Manager always seems earnest when she sees me, the store and district certainly surpassed itself during the U.W. Day of Caring.
    The store is very, very well maintained and well stocked…..Kudos Jose’…..and the store supports it’s community, with Scouts and Schools and Ball teams out front.
    You would not think that this store has only been here 11 months, but like it was just meant to be.
    I truly am Thankfull for our Publix, and trust that they have a bright future for all of us.


    1. Matthew L.Matthew L.

      Hey Keith,

      Thanks so much for the feedback about Store 1559. We appreciate your comments and will be sure to share them with the team there. Thanks for shopping with us!

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