Are you like me and always procrastinate when it comes to holidays? If so, this is the perfect blog for you! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you haven’t started thinking about what to get your mom, it’s okay, we’ve got you covered. Listed below you’ll find some easy Mother’s Day gift ideas you can make at home. Your mom is one of a kind and while flowers and chocolate are nice, putting a little effort into her gift will make this Mother’s Day extra special.


To make it even easier for you, a majority of the ingredients listed below can be purchased at your local Publix.

Wine Cork Succulents

These simple four steps will bring so much vibrancy to the fridge, a picture frame or wherever you choose to hang them. Check out more details below .


  • Wine corks
  • Soil (or dirt if you don’t have soil)
  • Succulent plants
  • Magnets


  • Carve a hole halfway down the cork.
  • Fill with soil.
  • Plant succulent of choosing.
  • Glue a magnet on the back.


Floral Tea Bags

Surprise your mom on Mother’s Day morning with these sweet floral tea bags. While you’re busy cooking breakfast for mom (you are cooking breakfast, right?!), these little touches of color are the perfect little surprise.05_MJL_MothersDay_BodyImg4

All it takes is a bouquet of flowers and your personal touch.


  • Trim the flowers below the base but leave a little stem to tie the string from a tea bag.
  • These beautiful tea bags are now ready to steep and add a pop of color to the tea cup.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, tea!

Mom’s Survival Kit

Despite how easy you may think it is, your mom is a superstar who does it all! On those tough days when she may need a little TLC to get to the next activity, this survival kit is the ultimate tool. Trust me, she’ll appreciate this one a lot!


  • Mason jar
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Brightening under-eye cream
  • Fresh breath strips
  • Mascara
  • Lip balm
  • Energy drink packets
  • Chocolate
  • Ibuprofen



You know your mom best so add her favorite things!

 Candy Bouquet

Does mom have a bit of a sweet tooth? Is she always saying to not buy her flowers? If so, this is the perfect bouquet for her!

All this gift takes is a trip down the candy aisle at your local Publix and a little bit of creativity.

Instead of flowers, this candy bouquet is guaranteed to make sure her Mother’s Day is as sweet as can be.

If you don’t feel like getting crafty and want to save some time, some Publix locations have these available in the Floral department already made. Talk about convenience!










There you have it. Perfectly unique Mother’s Day gifts that are amazing just like your mom. We hope everyone in your family has a happy Mother’s Day!

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Matthew started with Publix in 2009. After working his way up to a Publix Manager, Matthew decided to make a change from retail and pursue his passion for writing. Matthew enjoys hearing stories from the people he's writing about and loves the Publix culture. Outside of work, Matthew enjoys spending time with his wife, son and their dog. They love to explore all that Central Florida has to offer.

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