Light blue background with purple and pink streamers going across. There are clear balloons filled with colorful confetti behind the streamers. There is a light purple table cloth covering the table. To the left is a Publix sub selection featuring a variety of sandwiches . in the center is a birthday sprinkle explosion cake with a slice missing to show the sprinkles falling out. To the right of the cake are a stack of birthday hats, birthday paper plates party horns and birthday napkins

¡Feliz cumpleaños! Bonne fête! Happy Birthday! No matter how you say it, planning the ultimate birthday party is no small feat. Everyone knows the cake is the star of the show, but what about the food, drinks, decor and flowers? There is a lot involved in pulling off a birthday for the books, but Publix is here as your one-stop shop for all things birthday, all under one roof!

Stop 1: Birthday Cake

What’s a birthday without birthday cake? As always, our bakery has you covered — from a vast selection of our classic go-to’s like Chocolate Ganache Supreme Cake, to new and exciting Birthday Sprinkle Explosion. We all know there is no other birthday cake than a Publix birthday cake.

Stop 2: Main Meal

No party is complete without scrumptious foods to eat! Our deli offers an extensive selection of appetizers like our Publix Deli Dip Variety Platter and beautifully crafted Jeweled Brie Platter, freshly made Sub Selections, and beverages like our famous Publix Deli Sweetened Tea and lemonade. Did you know, we offer over 250 different platters to choose from? It gets better. Many of these items can be ordered online ahead of time with 24 hours’ notice. It certainly makes party planning a breeze!

Stop 3: Party Decor

The decor is truly the icing on the cake! Pick up playful party essentials like peppy napkins and plates, unique birthday balloons and a sparkler candle that’s sure to wow all the partygoers.

Stop 4: Floral

Our fresh-cut flowers, budding with vibrant colors, make for the perfect birthday gift! Check out our floral department for our ready-to-bloom offerings.

However you choose to celebrate, Publix is here every step of the way. How do you plan on celebrating your special day this year? Sound off in the comments!

Yellow colored background with pastel pink, red and blue tissue paper ball decorations. on a table is a pastel pink table cloth with a Publix Deli dip variety platter to the left, happy birthday plate in front of it . A chocolate ganache cake on a white cake stand with a role of light green streamers off to the site on the far right is the publix jeweled brie platter


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