On March 17th people from all over pull out their best green attire and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, even if they aren’t Irish. Although not a national holiday, the Irish culture is celebrated by participating in St. Patrick’s Day traditions like attending parades, eating and drinking — all while dressing from head to toe in green!

When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day food traditions, we have you covered. Channel your inner Irishman or Irishwoman and try these traditional Irish foods, Publix style.

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Corned beef became a staple in Irish-American homes. Most commonly, corned beef was made with boiled cabbage because it was affordable. When many Irish families came to America, they did not have a strong source of income, so money was tight. While boiled cabbage is typically partnered with this meat, there are many other tasty ways to enjoy and prepare this traditional dish. A few ways to incorporate corned beef into your St. Patrick’s Day include:

Corned Beef Brisket Aprons recipe

Aprons Corned Beef Recipes

Aprons Cabbage Recipes

Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie is a classic Irish dish known as a great comfort food. If your kids are picky eaters and don’t want to try corned beef and cabbage, this dish is a great alternative for your St. Patrick’s Day meal.

Mini Shepherd’s Pies


Beef Cottage Pie

Publix Aprons Beef Cottage Pie


Reuben Egg Rolls

Publix Aprons Reuben Egg Rolls

If you want to plan a St. Patrick’s Day event or make a whole meal for your family, check out our blog, which offers delicious St. Patrick’s Day appetizer options.

What are your St. Patrick’s Day food traditions? We’d love to hear about them.




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