So much about the holiday season makes us a little sentimental, and many of those sentiments are centered on foods we fondly remember. Those favorite sweet or savory dishes we have connected to cherished experiences in the company of those we love. No matter whether we celebrate with unique rituals, attend holiday events, decorate the home or enjoy our kids’ holiday programs, we inevitably come together at the table to share delicious food. With all these events taking place this season, there’s plenty of opportunity to prepare those old favorites and even delve into new recipes that make plants the star of the dish.

While some people cling to their favorite dishes year after year and reach for that familiar stuffing or pie without fail, others aim to explore new and delightful ways to infuse lively flavors into their holiday menus. In addition, many of the foods and flavors of the holiday season are available only for a brief time. Flavorful items like cranberries, pomegranates and even some varieties of winter squash are a joy to incorporate into holiday fare.

This holiday season let plants be the star of the show and celebrate with plant-based recipes.


Spinach Avocado Dip

spinach dip with crackers

Feel Just a Little Guilty Appetizer

three appetizers on plates

Fall Root Vegetable Stack

fall root stack appetizer

Soups and Salads

Kale and Farro Stew

Kale Farrow Stew in bowl

Citrus Holiday Salad with Spiced Honey Dressing

Side Dishes

Sweet-and-Spicy Green Beans

Sweet and spicy green beans

Glazed Butternut Squash Hasselback

glazed butternut squash


Pumpkin Apple Bars

pumpkin apple bars

Maple Apple-Almond Bread Pudding

maple apple almond bread pudding



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