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It’s safe to say there are many options available when it comes to dairy alternatives. In fact, non-dairy beverages and foods are quite a popular food trend! Whether you are excluding dairy from your diet by choice or for health reasons, our dietitians shared tips and recipes for including non-dairy products in your meals.

Tips for Choosing Non-Dairy Beverages

  • Pay close attention to sugars in non-dairy beverages. Many non-dairy alternatives contain added sugar. Our Better Choice shelf tags can help you choose the option with less added sugar.
  • Look at vitamins and minerals. Cow’s milk naturally contains calcium, potassium, vitamin D and other nutrients.  Non-dairy beverages are often fortified with these vitamins and minerals, but this varies based on the product. Check the nutrition labels to see which nutrients each product contains and how much of each nutrient is included.
  • Consider the protein content. Cow’s milk provides 8 grams of high-quality protein per 8-ounce serving. Most non-dairy beverages, except for soy and pea milks, contain little to no protein. If you drink non-dairy beverages, it’s essential to find other sources of protein.

If you’re looking for a fun and delicious non-dairy beverage to try, our Raspberry Iced Tea Swirl is a great place to start. Serve this twist on traditional iced tea with non-dairy sorbet. Cheers!

Raspberry Iced Tea Swirl

Raspberry puree in bottom of mason jars with iced tea and scoops of sorbetto on top. Straw and mint leaves topping recipe.

Tips for Choosing Non-dairy Foods

  • Consider the amount of calcium in the cheese you purchase. Non-dairy cheese, sometimes also known as plant-based or vegan cheese, tends to be lower in calcium than regular cheese. Select an option that is fortified with calcium or include other sources of calcium in your meal.
  • Check non-dairy yogurt labels for nutrition information. Check the label to find one with less saturated fat and added sugar. It’s also important to note the calcium content of the product, as non-dairy yogurts can be lower in calcium than dairy yogurts.

If you’re looking for a tasty dinner idea to make for your family, this flavorful chicken and broccoli recipe incorporates non-dairy or regular plain yogurt. You choose!

Bronzed Chicken and Broccoli over RiceBronzed chicken and broccoli served over rice with yogurt sauce on blue rimmed plate.

Tips to Add Calcium and Vitamin D into Your Non-Dairy Diet

Non-dairy alternatives often do not have as much calcium and vitamin D as dairy products. Our dietitians suggest other dietary sources to meet the daily recommended amounts. The recommended daily amount of calcium for most adults is 1300 mg per day.

  • Incorporate vegetables into your diet for calcium. Chinese cabbage, kale and broccoli are great choices to start with. You can also include non-dairy food and beverage options that are fortified with calcium such as fruit juices and drinks, tofu and cereals.

The daily recommended amount of vitamin D for most adults is 20 micrograms (mcg).

  • Add foods that naturally contain vitamin D into your routine. There are very few foods that naturally contain vitamin D, but some include salmon, tuna and mackerel. Others that contain smaller amounts of vitamin D include beef liver, egg yolks, breakfast cereals and orange juice.

Do you have tips for including non-dairy beverages and foods into your meals? Share with us in the comments below.


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