Tall cake covered in multi-shade blue sprinkles with a unicorn horn, ears and eyes on a gold platter, with gold serving utensils and forks.

There’s nothing like a sweet treat to make your day extra special! If you’re someone who loves a fresh cake from your local Publix for every birthday, holiday or just-because occasion, we have some great news for you: There are now even more cakes to choose from! Our new Towering Tiers cakes are the picture-perfect confections you’ve been seeking. They have six layers each, serve between 6 and 8 people and are sure to add some extra pizzazz to any party.

Celestial Unicorn

What’s better than a unicorn cake? A space-inspired unicorn cake, of course! With buttercream icing and cosmic fusion sprinkles, your eyes and taste buds are in for a real treat. You even have the option to fill the cake with sprinkles for extra sparkle.

a vanilla tiered cake both filled with and covered by multicolored sprinkles, topped with blue and purple frosting and a golden unicorn horn and ears

Vanilla Wonderment

Featuring alternating buttercream and cream cheese icing layers, this cake tastes even better than it looks. The white chocolate decorations on top are beautiful enough to make you wonder if you’re admiring a dessert or a masterpiece (we think it’s both).

multitiered vanilla cake with buttercream and cream cheese frosting between layers, topped with white chocolate pieces

Rainbow Celebration

If you want a little bit of everything all in one cake, look no further. Beginning with your choice of vanilla or chocolate cake, our rich buttercream is taken up a notch with all the colors of the rainbow, then accented with white chocolate candies and vibrant macarons.

layers of vanilla cake with rainbow frosting in between, topped with pink macarons and white chocolate pieces

Birthday Sprinkle Explosion

Every birthday celebration needs confetti and our Birthday Sprinkle Explosion design really brings it! Little ones and adults alike will be delighted by the option for sprinkles to burst from layers of vanilla or chocolate cake.

multitiered vanilla cake with blue frosting on top and between layers, filled and topped with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate candles on the top tier

Cookies & Cream Hero

The flavors of a cookie in cake form? Sign us up. It combines the magic of cookies & cream mousse with alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla cake and our buttercream icing, then tops it all off with chocolate ganache. Throw some cookies and chocolate on top and you have a picture-perfect creation.

alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, a chocolate drizzle, and cookie sandwiches and candies on top

Striped Sprinkle Explosion

Our Striped Sprinkle Explosion design brings the brightness with the buttercream icing and pairs perfectly with whichever cake flavor (vanilla or chocolate) you select. Want even more color? This cake can be filled with rainbow sprinkles too! The edible chocolate candles on top adds a unique and celebratory element to the whole experience.

vanilla layer cake covered with yellow frosting, filled and topped with rainbow sprinkles, and topped with three chocolate candles

Strawberry Covered Chocolate

Any combination of chocolate and strawberry is sure to be a winner, and Strawberry Covered Chocolate is no exception! The chocolate cake is filled with ganache and iced with strawberry buttercream. Just wait; it gets better: The top is garnished with ganache, strawberries, fudge, pieces of chocolate and macarons.

chocolate cake topped with pink icing, a chocolate drizzle, chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate-dipped macarons

Can’t decide which one you want to try first? You certainly aren’t alone. No matter what your next celebration is, be sure to place an order with your local Publix bakery. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Darby P.

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Darby joined Publix as a member of the social media team in 2020, bringing with her a love of writing, photography and cuisine. The opportunity to combine social media and food was a dream come true. Outside of work, you can find her enjoying charcuterie boards with friends, listening to music or watching (and amateurly critiquing) cooking competition shows. Darby enjoys living in Central Florida and taking advantage of all it has to offer.

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