We’re sure you love our deli teas as much as we do. From sweetened and unsweetened teas to flavored lemonades, the varieties available will go perfectly with your favorite sub or deli snack. Along with our staple offerings, we also have limited edition flavors that are always a welcome addition to our beverage line up. To tell you a little about what goes into creating these delicious drinks, we reached out to our friends in the deli department for more information.

Fun With Flavors

You may have guessed that sweet tea wins the popularity contest, with lemonade, unsweetened tea, and diet sweet tea coming in as the runners-up. Green tea, raspberry lemonade, and raspberry tea aren’t far behind.

To create new flavors, we work with a number of other areas within the company to identify emerging and existing flavor trends.

Once we’ve brainstormed innovative and exciting flavor ideas, product samples of the new flavors are created. Next is the fun part — tasting them! After our teams try the samples and provide feedback, the supplier will make changes to incorporate our opinions. According to deli buyer, Nicole Kolbasiuk-Beetem, feedback may include making changes such as enhancing the flavor of certain ingredients, or adjusting the sweetness of a product. “Sometimes, however, flavors don’t work out as well as we thought,” she says, “in which case we don’t pursue them further.”

Finding What Works

After new flavors have been chosen and tested , we gather a group of customers who get the chance to try them. Input from these groups allows us to get feedback on everything from how customers react to the name and taste, to how much they actually enjoy the product.

Our taste-testing group rates the product being tested on several different factors, and also provide their own comments. Their feedback is used to decide if our products need more work, and to decide if the flavors we’ve developed are ones that customers like you would want to buy.

Final Steps

Once we’ve officially decided on the new flavors and their recipes, we work on bringing the actual product to life, which includes creating product labels. Once final steps are complete, we’re ready to roll out the new flavors to stores.

For our limited-time items, we introduce them individually, taking into account which flavors will work best during each season. For example, chai tea around the winter holidays and refreshing flavored lemonades during the summer. Limited time flavors that are particularly popular have the possibility of becoming available all year long. Our raspberry lemonade and, more recently blackberry lemonade have become permanent items. This is based on the performance of the items in relation to other items in the category. For example, our limited time blackberry lemonade performed almost as well as our best seller, sweet tea, so we decided  to keep the blackberry year-round.

Buyer Nicole Kolbasiuk-Beetem shares, “We want to be sure that we keep the flavors that customers love most, and item sales are the best indicator for which items are the customer favorites.”


Now that we’ve given you an inside look at how our deli teas come to be, we’d like to know which flavor is number one on your shopping list. Let us know in the comments!

47 Comments on “Publix Deli Tea: From Our Shelf to Your Glass

  1. josalyn

    I’d just like to say the absolute best best limited time tea you’ve ever had has been the cantaloupe tea. I had it a year ago and everytime I saw it I grabbed every single one I could find and I know its selfish because everyone else should’ve had a taste but it said limited time and that had me a bit anxious. Here I am now at 2 AM over a year later googling how to make publix deli cantaloupe tea…. I created an account just so I could Comment. Please bring it back… I’ll keep you in business myself

    1. Austin B.Austin B.

      Hi Josalyn. Thank you so much for taking the time to share how much you loved this product. We’ll share your feedback with our deli teams for future consideration.

  2. claudia

    So is your brewed iced tea decaffeinated? I don’t see anywhere on the label, Where it stated that it’s decaf, but someone told me they are. Please advice.


    Claudia :)

  3. KAT

    I recently purchased the peach flavored ice tea and I love it! Never tried your teas before and I was surprised how good this tea was, my question is the teas made with table sugar? or artificial sweeteners?

  4. Kimberly

    Please please bring back the Melon Flavored Green Tea as a year-round offering! It’s my favorite and a favorite of everyone I’ve introduced to it! Please!

  5. T.G. ShirL

    I tried your Deli Melon flavored Green brewed tea, and it was DELICIOUS! Please continue to make this flavor. I am a Florida Native who recently moved to Tri-Cities, TN area, specifically Bristol, VA and I drove all the way to Greenville, TN just to shop at Publix today. Please bring a store to Tri-Cities, TN mainly Abingdon or Bristol, VA – but I will travel to Johnson City too! LOVED THE MELON flavor, please keep it on the shelves!


    I very much enjoyed the limited edition of white tea you had. I check for it every time I’m at Publix. Until then the peach flavored lemonade has been a favorite!

  7. Kristie Dennis

    When my husband told me your teas were all decaf, I didn’t believe him. Now I do. Thank you for making it easy to enjoy sweet tea without causing my bladder spasms to flare up.

  8. Jackie Royal

    I love your deli teas (I buy unsweetened brewed tea for work). I would presume that tea contains caffeine since thats the norm. If all of your teas are decaffeinated, why aren’t they labeled that way?

  9. Glenda Miller

    I, along with several of my friends and family members, by doctor’s orders or by choice, have reduced our caffeine consumption. All of us loved Publix ice tea and really miss it. I have asked at my local Publix and they do not have an answer. When I saw your tea post on Facebook I thought this is my chance. WHEN are you going to offer decaffeinated iced tea?????????

    Glenda Miller
    Jacksonville, Fl

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