Since we first opened our doors in 1930, Publix has evolved tremendously, and so has our logo. Over the years, our logo has transformed to reflect the times and the milestones we’ve achieved. Join us as we take a look back at the history of our logo, from the first, to the adaptations made over time and the one you know and love today.


          1945 – 1954

 Publix’s first well-known logo was introduced in 1945 after Mr. George acquired The Lakeland Grocery Company and its 19 All American Grocery Store locations. At this time, we began using this logo in print advertisements. We also started to introduce some of our first privately labeled items in the ‘50s, branded “Publix”, including green peas, bacon and coffee.

1954 – 1966


As our company continued to expand, our logo was updated and this became Publix’s standardized brandmark. It could be seen on our annual reports, service awards and at the Miami Division office. Did you know that during this time there were no scanners on our registers? Cashiers had to ring up each item on key-punch registers!

1966 –1972

The 1960s brought a change in architecture, and our logo reflected that with the iconic “winged” design, which could be found on many store facades and depicted the shape of aisle markers inside the stores. By the late 1960s, we began offering in-store delicatessens and our Danish Bakery made its grand debut. 

1972 – 2012

 In the early 1970s, Publix launched the now widely-recognizable square logo featuring the distinctive letter P and “Publix” underneath to showcase our “never-ending quest to offer one happy difference after another at Publix.” The 1970s through the early 2000s brought incredible growth for Publix, including our expansion into four new states, the creation of our Photo Lab and celebrating our 50th anniversary.

2012 – Present  

Our current logo still features the iconic letter P, but inside a green circle. It debuted in 2012 to refresh and modernize our look. The desire to modernize resulted in a bolder color and simplified design. With today’s online activity, the goal was to create a brandmark that people could identify with at a glance.

With our recent expansion announcement into Kentucky, our 8th state coming in 2023, Publix continues to grow and serve our customers and communities with pride. We’re always looking forward to our next chapters and the changes they may bring.

Kate C.

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Kate has been a part of the Publix family since the fall of 2020 where she started on the social media team. She is passionate about serving our customers online and highlighting how Publix can enhance our readers’ lives by sharing recipe ideas, teaching new cooking techniques and educating about our company’s rich culture. When she’s not blogging, Kate enjoys spending time with her husband, traveling to new places and is an avid fan of reality television.

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