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Cold, creamy, sweet goodness. That’s right, we’re talking about ice cream! Not just any ice cream, but Publix Premium ice cream, made with milk, cream, and other quality ingredients. You’ll find that it has rich flavors and a deliciously creamy texture.

We make our premium ice cream in our very own dedicated facility to ensure maximum quality. We’re sure you have your favorite flavors, but there are probably a few you haven’t tried yet. Here are a few to get you going.

Otter Paws06_07_AJ_Ice Cream_Image 2

Otter Paws® delivers yummy vanilla ice cream sprinkled with chocolate-coated pecans and irresistible swirls of caramel. If you prefer classic tastes, but are looking to switch it up a little, Otter Paws® is the one for you.

Banana Split06_07_AJ_Ice Cream_Image 3

What would summer be without a banana split? With this flavor, we’ve done all the work for you. Indulge your sweet tooth and treat yourself to the classic flavor of banana ice cream with sweet cherries, tangy pineapple, crunchy pecans, buttery fudge and strawberry sauce. There’s nothing boring about our Banana Split ice cream.

Coffee Almond Fudge Light06_07_AJ_Ice Cream_Image 4

Publix Premium Coffee Almond Fudge Light ice cream has 50% less fat and 24% fewer calories than regular ice cream, you can indulge with less guilt. Coffee almond fudge has a rich chocolate-coffee ribbon throughout mixed with milk chocolate-flavored almonds. Need we say more?

Harvest Peach Melba Low Fat Frozen Yogurt06_07_AJ_Ice Cream_Image 5

You’ll be able to tell our frozen yogurts apart from our other varieties by looking for the white rimmed lid. Check out one of our favorites— Harvest Peach Melba. With summer in full swing, you can’t go wrong with this refreshing peach treat. This silky-smooth frozen yogurt is dotted with luscious, real peaches and swirls of raspberry sauce. It is sure to help you beat the heat.

Moose Tracks – No Sugar Added06_07_AJ_Ice Cream_Image 6

We’re happy to offer no sugar added ice creams. You can distinguish this variety by looking for its blue rimmed lid. Your dessert craving will be satisfied with Moose Tracks No sugar Added ice cream. This creamy vanilla churned style ice cream is coupled with sugar free peanut butter cups swirled with no sugar added Moose Tracks fudge. Yum!

Butter Pecan Homemade Style06_07_AJ_Ice Cream_Image 7

You can never go wrong with a homemade style ice cream and we have just the one for you. Our Butter Pecan Homemade Style ice cream is ultra-rich and loaded with real roasted pecans. It’s the perfect summertime delight to enjoy with friends.


Limited Edition Flavors

While our staple ice cream offerings are quite popular, we know that our limited edition flavors often cause quite a stir too! Here are some limited edition flavors you can find in your local Publix store until September. Enjoy!

  • Peach Cobbler
  • Peanut Butter Pie 
  • Chocolate Malt
  • Hula Hula crunch
  • Banana Pudding
  • New Orleans Praline

Now that we’ve given you our Publix Premium ice cream starter pack, we want to know which ones you like best. Share with us in the comments below.


32 Comments on “Publix Premium Ice Cream Flavors You Should Try Today

  1. Paul Tormos

    Any chance you’ll be bringing back the banana ice cream “Monkey Business”? Vastly superior to the banana pudding flavor in my opinion yet that one seems to keep coming back. Thanks for your consideration!

  2. Jonathan Kesh

    I am hoping you bring back Chocolate cookie quarry ice cream and NOT the frozen yogurt. It is simply the best ice cream ever. I wish we had it year round!

  3. Joanne Weingartner

    My husband loves the Black Raspberry Chip Publix Premium frozen yogurt. I have looked in 3 local Publix stores and no one has it. Should I continue to look or has it been discontinued?


    Can’t find Apple Pie ice cream in your stores. Will you be restocking? There’s always an empty spot on the shelf where it belongs!!! Must be very popular!! I already put a request in at one of your stores. Hope you didn’t discontinued this flavor.

  5. Robia Davenport

    Do you think that you will bring back your blueberry pie ice cream? It was a favorite of mine! No body else has blueberry ice cream. There is a Facebook page dedicated to Publix’s blueberry pie ice cream! Haha!

  6. Doreen Moore

    I just love love love your key lime frozen yogurt . By any chance do you have a coconut ice cream or yogurt?? Coconut cream pie would be the BEST, perhaps that’s a idea.

  7. Angela Leigh

    Please bring back your sugar free Strawberry ice cream!! For the life of me I can’t understand why you would discontinue it!! You already have very limited flavors in the sugar free and then you take the strawberry away? Please re-consider.. us sugar free folk are missing out on so much. Also consider a sugar free cookies & cream. If Halo can do it you can too.

  8. Curtis Castner

    Witjin the last week or so camt find on shelves any of the special editions or seasonal, like Mew Orleans Praline or Banana Pudding. Normally thier are at least a couple flavors of seasonal but none, even at 4 other Tallahassee stores. Are all the special editions gone? And the regular ice cream the Tsunami flavor was a hit in the family, can this one be brought back, is it a discontinued one.

    1. Monique B.Monique B.

      Hello Curtis. Our stores are going to be receiving our holiday seasonal ice cream within the next couple of weeks. I apologize they were out when you visited. In regards to the Tsunami flavor, I am unsure which ice cream you are referring to.

  9. Susan Ference

    My elderly mother who has shopped only at Publix for decades was very disappointed when she purchased the mint chip and pistachio premium ice creams. The chips and nuts were more like ground than chips and nuts. Is there a reason for this? Ice cream is one of her favorite things.

    1. Matthew L.Matthew L.

      Hi Lauren, our system shows this item is available until September 1st, 2017. I suggest speaking with your local store’s Grocery Manager or Store Manager and seeing if he/she can order the item for you. You can give them this item code to make it even easier! Publix Premium Peanut Butter Pie: 203199.

  10. Sedrick Harris

    A couple of weeks ago, my wife purchased a Publix ice cream that had both chunks of chocolate and cherries. Probably the best I have ever had. What is the name of that and is it a standard flavor that I can always buy?

  11. Sharon O'Dwyer

    My favorite flavor is Mackinac Island Fudge. It was seasonal but I thought it would become one of their regular flavors. However, they have not had it for years.

  12. Robia Davenport

    Hey! I love the Publix premium ice cream! My favorite flavor is the blueberry cream pie! It got me through many a pregnancy cravings when I was pregnant with my 5 year old. I haven’t seen it in stores for a while and I was wondering if it had been discontinued?

  13. Chris Pratt

    I am a publix ice cream addict, and eat some nearly everyday! However, I must express my dismay that I have not been able to buy It’sYourBirthday for a number of weeks now, and it is my favorite! Please say it aint so – has it been discontinued???

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