Publix premium logo above carton of ice cream, wrapped beef, container of hazlenut spread and box of seafood meal on white background.

If you’re a Publix shopper, you’ve probably noticed Publix Premium products in our stores. Their unique packaging and wide availability across store departments make them hard to miss. But Publix Premium is more than just a fancy title. And now we’ve got you wondering: What makes a product “premium”?

Publix Premium products must adhere to strict standards. They are often new and innovative products within their category, so you can expect unique varieties or flavorings with differentiated attributes. The products are created with consumers in mind and are sure to be a delight to anyone looking for superior quality or an exceptional culinary experience. You will truly taste the difference!

Publix Premium is a designation assigned to a wide variety of products – and that doesn’t just include food! From bouquets to napkins to eyelash curlers, we are dedicated to providing superior products in all areas of the store.

If you’re wondering which Publix Premium product to try first, perhaps these suggestions will help you decide next time you take a trip to your local store.


Jug of apple juice, box of frozen waffles, container of hazelnut spread and bag of coffee grounds on white background.

Pictured (left to right): Publix Premium Apple Juice; Publix Premium Belgian Waffles, Classic; Publix Premium Hazelnut Spread, Chocolate; Publix Premium Coffee, Arabica, Ground, Dark Roast, Espresso Blend

 Meat Three packages of various cuts of beef on a white background.

Pictured (left to right): New York Strip Steak, Boneless Publix Premium, USDA Choice Beef Steakhouse Cut; Sirloin Tip Roast, Publix Premium USDA Choice Beef; Tenderloin Roast for Chateaubriand Publix Premium, USDA Choice Beef

Seafood Three packages of different seafood items on a black background.

Pictured (left to right): Publix Premium Salmon Fillets, Parmesan-Crusted, Frozen, Wild; Publix Premium Mussels, Garlic Butter Frozen, Farm Raised; Publix Premium Chili Garlic Salmon, with Rice & Vegetables, Microwave, Ready In Minutes

Dessert Cartons of ice cream and frozen yogurt on a white background.

Pictured (left to right): Publix Premium Ice Cream, Heavenly Hash, Classic; Publix Premium Frozen Dessert, Non-Dairy, Chocolate Cocoa Chip; Publix Premium Frozen Yogurt, Key Lime Pie

For the full lineup of Publix Premium products, check out our website. What’s your favorite Publix Premium product? We’d love to know!


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Karleigh W. joined the Publix family in 2013 as a front service clerk. Before becoming a full-time member of the team, she was a 2019 summer intern. Her love for writing, serving customers and Publix culture fuels her inspiration to bring new ideas to The Publix Checkout. Outside of work, Karleigh likes to bake, cook and spend time with her husband and their cat, Cici.

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