What if we told you that you can now get our delicious Publix Premium and GreenWise ice cream in a smaller size? You would be excited to try more flavors, right? Our customers have asked and the time is finally here! Select Publix Premium, GreenWise and limited-edition ice creams are now available in quarts. You can try a variety of flavors without the commitment of buying an entire half gallon. Even better news, our quart sized limited-edition ice cream will be available in eight different flavors that will rotate throughout the year. Now that we’ve told you the good news, which one will you scoop up first?


GreenWise Organic Ice Cream

All our GreenWise ice cream is made with organic milk, cream and cane sugar. Made with no artificial preservatives, sweeteners or flavors in our own certified-organic dairy plant in Georgia, we can assure you will find a flavor you love. Our quart-sized ice cream is currently available in nine flavors; try some of our favorites below.


Publix Premium Limited-Edition Ice Cream

Made with quality ingredients, our limited-edition flavors are rotated every trimester throughout the year based on our customers’ requests. We enjoy adding in new seasonal flavors and bringing old favorites back to the shelves. With eight different flavors to choose from we hope you find something you love. May we suggest trying our delicious Lemon Sugar Cookie, Hula Hula Macadamia or Sticky Bun?


Publix Premium

Our classic premium ice cream is hard to beat. Now that these selected everyday flavors are available in a quart size you have more room in your freezer to try a variety of flavors. Who doesn’t look forward to our Classic Moose Tracks, Classic Vanilla or Chocolate Trinity?



We hope you are as excited about this as we are. Share some of your favorites with us in the comments below or reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Monique B.

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Monique B. began her journey at Publix in 2010, where she fell in love with the fact that, as an associate, she was also part owner of the company. Since then, she has dedicated her skills in organization and creativity to Publix, taking a special interest in social media. At the end of the day, she hopes The Publix Checkout leaves you with the knowledge that Publix is more than just a grocery store – we’re experts, we’re family, and we’re here to help!

42 Comments on “Publix Quart Size Ice Cream is Here

  1. Matt Martin

    Let me see if I understand correctly: you have reduced the amount of product and increased its cost. In what Bizarro Worls am I supposed to be “excited” about this greedy move on Publix’s part. Luckily, we have other grocery stores in which to shop inour town. We will no longer be buying your ice cream. In fact, this whole experience has inspired me to closely examine all products we are buying from Publix to see whether we can save money by purchasing each item (or comparable replacement) at one of the other grocers in town. This was a low-blow Publix. One which will not soon be forgotten. Thanks for the wake up call and questioning my blind loyalty to your store.

  2. Mo Grossman

    It would be one thing if Publix originally came out with the Pint and never offered us half gallon. But to come out with the Pint and try to spin it as a good thing when they have jacked up the price and taken away our choice, it creates bad will.

    Shame on Publix

  3. Jeff Jeff

    When I mentioned to the checkout person that I was disappointed that the 1/2 gallon size greenwise ice cream had been discontinued I was told to ask customer service to “special order” them for me. Not sure that will work but it might be worth while to try. It takes me a while to get through 1/2 gallon but I have a couple of friends who are very disappointed as they usually go through at least 1/2 gal to gal per week, especially the Chocolate Truffle. I think they are addicted to it and the quart size just isn’t cutting it for them. I had to listen to them rant about not being able to get a real scoop out the quart and how it just doesn’t last. Please help them out so I don’t have to listen to their rants about quart vs. 1/2 gal.

  4. Catherine Drier

    We are very disappointed Publix eliminated the half gallon of Greenwise ice cream. The option of a quart may be fine for some but we don’t want it. I am sorry to say that if you don’t also carry the half gallon we will no longer be purchasing this ice cream. Offering a size option is a great plan, eliminating one of the sizes negates it being an option. Please return the half gallon to my store shelves. Love to shop here, love to save here will become a thing of the past.

  5. Maryanne Nicholson

    I’m also very disappointed about the this change and personally know several others who feel the same. I’m sorry to say that I will be changing the brand of ice cream that my family enjoys every evening.

    Publix, please listen to your customers.

  6. Kelly Adams

    So very disappointed tthat Publix chose to eliminate the half gallon altogether. I appreciate the option of a quart to “try” a flavor, but also want the choice to buy a half gallon. Last week, seeing only quarts, along with the price difference, I am sorry to say, we opted to buy Blue Bell. I agree with others commenting the half gallon was always being restocked or out. Why would Publix make a decision to no longer sell a product that obviously sells? The inflated cost of the quart size, or an additional two dollars more to get a half gallon is too expensive for us to continue buying Greenwise. We too will be shopping elsewhere. I’m hoping Publix brings the half gallon back soon, before shopping at another store becomes habit.

  7. Cindy Emely

    Please bring back the Publix GreenWise Half Gallon size of ice cream. I love this ice cream and it’s a shame it is only available in a quart size. I will only buy if it’s on sale or if there is a coupon. I guess I will be going back to Blue Bell.

  8. Brian Rebori

    Very disappointed when I went to purchase a half gallon of GreenWise vanilla ice cream! I was shocked when I saw that there were only quarts available. I asked an employee who was stocking the frozen section and he said that they will only being carrying quarts. I asked why and he said because it’s better for Publix. I went to the customer service counter to ask if they could bring back the half gallon and the employee said they will speak to the store manager. Publix, do not tell me that you discontinued the half gallon because it doesn’t sell. My store was always restocking half gallons. And if I buy 2 quarts, it’s $2 more than if I were to buy a half gallon….so Publix is selling the same amount of ice cream and charging more money. Good way to take advantage of your customers. Very disappointed Publix would do this. Unfortunately, since my family goes through a good amount of ice cream, I will now have to go across the street to Earth Fare to get my organic ice cream in half gallons. Please bring back the GreenWise organic ice cream in the half gallon size. Publix store #1320. I was always a happy customer until now.

  9. carolyn borntrager

    Greenwise Quart sized ice cream is not a favor when eliminating choice of half -gallon! Better for publix but not the public!!! At least give us the choice of half- gallons in the basic flavors!
    I will not buy the quarts!!!! Back to Blue Bell!

  10. carolyn borntrager

    Greenwise Quart sized ice cream is not a favor when eliminating choice of half -gallon! Better for publix but not the public!!!
    I will not buy the quarts!!!! Back to Blue Bell!

  11. Pam Nuernberg

    NOOO!!! Please bring back the half gallon! We have a large family and that is our favorite ice cream. At least carry it in vanilla and chocolate. The new flavor are good but we feel it’s just a way for us to have to pay more. Not a good way to treat about your loyal customers. PLEASE!!!!

  12. Don R.

    No,No,No …Please don’t eliminate the half gallon container.
    As one of the Publix Ice Cream faithful, who indulges every evening, this is a very bad idea. It appears to be nothing more than a price hike disguised as a customer request. Are we really supposed to believe that the overwhelming demand is for smaller, more expensive containers? It saddens me to say it, but if Publix discontinues half gallon cartons of ice cream I’ll be changing brands and be very disappointed.

  13. Camila Saldaña

    I too am disappointed with the decision to no longer offer the half gallon size. We still purchased the half gallon size with every price increase and been a fan of Greenwise products for a long time, but only way I will buy the quart size is if it’s a BOGO deal.

    Just because you received feedback from some people asking for a smaller size in no way means others who enjoy the half gallon will be on board with the idea. If the idea was to offer something that people can buy in order to sample a flavor, it seems like you should’ve kept the half gallon and introduced a pint size.

    I’m sure you have your business reasons, but the message conveyed in your announcement sounds like you did us a favor by no longer offering the half gallon size. Usually when a product gets discontinued I just roll with it, but when I read this article I wanted to speak up to point out how insensitive it sounds. Hopefully for your sake the sales from new customers for the quart size will offset the losses of customers who were loyal to purchasing the half gallon.

  14. Katharine Gambino

    Publix has such a good reputation for appreciating their loyal customers, and this seems like a slap in the face. With the quarts, we are essentially paying more for less (more per ounce), more packaging to end up with the same amount of product (not good for the environment), and I’m not sure what’s considered “seasonal” flavors, but the chocolate truffle should be a year-round event. Why can’t you give us the option of quart or half gallon? Why not reduce the regular “premium” line and beef up or replace it with the far superior organic/GreenWise line? But please, please don’t take away the half gallon size. Anyone with a family won’t see a quart size as practical at all.

  15. roger fairbanks

    I hope someone gets fired over this decision, this is the stupidest thing I have seen in a long time.
    My wife buys me 2 1/2 gallon of neapolitan a week,and she just brought home your “new” quart size.
    I told her not to go back until they have 1/2 gallons.
    She is still fuming in the kitchen counting up how much we spend at Publix so far its around 10k per year and thats the 2 of us.
    So Monique B dont reply with how your sorry just pass this along and fix it….


  16. James Beals

    NOT AT ALL HAPPY ! #@$%^&*(!)#$ ____ And more choice words.
    ADDing Quart sizes is one thing, I wouldn’t mind trying a few new flavors in the quart size – BUT NO WAY should you DISCONTINUE the 1/2 Gallon size. That is a HUGE MISTAKE. When I buy Ice Cream for our family we buy 2 half gallons at a time. And what about Parties and Family get togethers?. Last week we had a family get together. 4 families. 17 people with 8 kids. We went to buy Ice Cream and no 1/2 gallons of the Vanilla Greenwise that we all like, So we bought Beyers instead ,
    Add the quart size – BUT BRING BACK THE 1/2 GALLONS at least in the most popular flavors, like Vanilla. Otherwise, its back to non-organic Beyers for us.

  17. Debra Horgan

    My husband and I both were very disappointed in the fact that you resized your ice cream to 1 quart. As above, we too love to get the half gallon sizes to be able to share with company and just to be able to have it on hand. Really, you should not have lowered it to quart sized. My husband and I specifically bought the Greenwise ice cream because of the quality ingredients. I know I would appreciate it if you brought the half gallon size back. Also, if you could take the high fructose corn syrup out of your sherbet that would be awesome. So many other companies have discontinued it from their products, or have offered the product without it.

  18. Patricia Hallaren

    I am with the others in being disappointed in the down sizing of your GreenWise ice cream to a quart. The quart size makes it more expensive to serve my family of 5 because I have to purchase two quarts. Please bring back your half gallon size and the Neapolitan flavor!!!!

  19. Don

    Hi Monique,
    As one of the Publix Ice Cream faithful, who indulges every evening, this is a very bad idea. It appears to be nothing more than a price hike disguised as a customer request. Are we really supposed to believe that the overwhelming demand is for smaller, more expensive containers? It saddens me to say it, but if Publix discontinues half gallon cartons of ice cream I’ll be changing brands.

  20. Traci Daley

    No, NOT EXCITED AT ALL!! The communication I received when I communicated with customer service was that Publix was “expanding” their offerings, but this is decreasing the offerings. This size is not family or entertainment friendly at all. This is literally the only ice cream I buy for our family, but with this size, I may need to find a new brand. I hope that with this multitude of complaints, Publix rethinks this decision, at least in the basic greenwise flavors of vanilla and chocolate.

    1. Daniel Dexter

      So glad to see others feel like I do. The price went up the container size went down. More flavors might be good but the quart size in not for a family. I guess single people are a better demographic for Publix? I suppose it’s back to the organic 1/2 gallons Ingles sells.

  21. Debra Cade

    Love the idea of smaller size, some of us like a little splurge sometimes and do not want to have the leftovers. Was so excited to see the lemon sugsr cookie flavor, just got home from my store, no new sizes and no new flavors to be found. Hope these will be appearing soon in most stores. Thank you.

  22. Brenda Auch

    Nope. Not excited at all. In fact I was downright dismayed to find all the limited edition flavors offered ONLY in quart sizes at my store! Why on earth would I want to pay way more for the very same ice cream, with even more packaging to deal with? Sorry, but I’m not that easily fooled. This is a fail!

  23. Christina Frey

    I am disappointed that the GreenWise is now in quart size. I would much prefer a half gallon ice cream over a quart any day. I know my mom is super disappointed as well since that is her favorite ice cream. You should have them available in both sizes instead of just shrinking the size.

  24. Lisa Hecht

    All info from Publix indicates these are in stores now. Just got home from my local Publix and none were available, not even a spot on the shelf for them. So disappointing.

    1. Monique B.Monique B.

      Hello Lisa. I am sorry your local store didn’t have these available. I would suggest speaking to the Grocery Manager at the store to inquire when these will be available at their location.

  25. Ines Embler

    No I’m not excited about the new quart size.
    Price per ounce the half gallon is more cost effective. $4 quart $6 for half gallon. Big difference. I wish you at least bring the standard flavors (chocolate & vanilla) back as half gallons.

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