Although the premier customer service you’ve come to expect at Publix has been the same since Mr. George Jenkins founded the company in 1930, many aspects of the shopping experience have changed — including associates’ uniforms.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane as we fondly remember Publix’s uniforms through the decades.


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This photo, taken in the late 1940s, shows a smiling associate dressed in her perfectly ironed Publix dress. The badge on her left shoulder sleeve showcases the Publix name and a store image.


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In this nostalgic photo from the 1950s, we see that women at Publix sported a dress with sneakers or flats depending on the department they worked in. The men wore short-sleeved, pleated white shirts tucked neatly into their khaki pants.


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The deli associate in this photo was selling fresh, buy-one-get-one-free pizza by the slice! She was looking trendy for the ‘70s, wearing red from head to toe. The headpiece added a nice touch — don’t you think?

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These two associates may not be wearing today’s traditional Publix green, but we’re loving the pastel colors. Pastels were certainly all the rage in the ‘70s ― and to say they looked “groovy” would be an understatement.


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These associates from the ‘80s knew how to rock the Publix green! It’s a brighter green than we used in the 2000s, and this fun uniform certainly lit up a room!

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This bakery associate proudly wore her brown uniform as she helped customers in the 1980s. Her white apron and hat complement the outfit well.


09_28_KS_History_Uniforms_Image 9

In the ‘90s, we changed things up a bit by introducing teal and coral uniforms — along with trendy bow ties! Customers often reach out to us to let us know that they adore these uniforms as the color palette signifies the ‘90s. Do you remember these uniforms?

09_28_KS_History_Uniforms_Image 10

Even in the ‘90s, our associates could light up a room with their smiles. The teal and gray uniforms also provided a welcoming atmosphere!

2000s & 2010s

09_28_KS_History_Uniforms_Image 11

In the 2000s and 2010s, we transitioned to a unique orange color for some of our fresh departments, as well as the green and black uniforms for our customer service areas that became synonymous with Publix.


Today, our signature Publix green color has been updated to be more vibrant and showcase how important it is to our company. Associates in the bakery and deli departments now wear gray shirts, while Publix Pharmacy associates wear white smocks with an updated Publix Pharmacy logo. No matter what our uniforms look like, our smiling, knowledgeable and friendly associates are always available to help our wonderful customers.


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Kandi S. wrote her first short story at nine-years-old and has been a lover of the written word ever since, which makes The Publix Checkout one of her favorite things about working for Publix! Starting as a cashier in 2005, Kandi has since incorporated her love for writing and social media with her passion for the company focused on customer service. She enjoys fitness, writing, live music and local food and beverages. Kandi hopes you walk away from our blog each day with a new-found appreciation for the grocery store where shopping is a pleasure.

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  1. Suzanne

    I worked at Publix in the 80’s and wore the cashier bright green thick polyester uniforms with the apron. I dreaded putting it on going to work, because it was such a hot uniform & being in FL, sometimes unbearable. However, on the flip side, I couldn’t wait to get to work & enjoyed every minute working there!!

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