Do you know where your bottled water comes from? If you buy any of our bottled water, it’s easy to find out! All of our water comes from a trusted source. How refreshing is that?

Publix offers the following types of bottled water in a variety of sizes:

We have a great tool available for you to find out exactly where your bottled water is sourced. To learn exactly where your bottled water comes from you will answer these questions:

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06_CC_Water Facts_Body Image 2


06_CC_Water Facts_Body Image 3


After you answer each question about your bottled water, we’ll tell you the bottling plant location, water type, water source, treatment method, purity testing details and the production and “Best by” dates. It’s that easy!


See how easy that was? We would love to hear from you with questions about your source of water in the comments below!

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