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The 2018 National Pie Championships were recently held in Orlando, Florida and we have to say this competition was sweet—literally. The Publix Bakery joined pie makers from around the country and Canada at the American Pie Council National Pie Championships. This year, our bakery brought home seven, yes SEVEN, blue ribbons!

The Winners Are

05_SW_Apple pie_image 2Apple Pie

This American classic is a repeat winner! Our Apple Pie took home a blue ribbon in the Traditional Apple category. Filled with Crispin and Greening apples and cinnamon, it’s hard not to drool over this.



05_SW_coconut custard_Image 3Coconut Custard Pie

This delicious slice of perfection brought home a blue in the Baked Dairy category. Are you crazy for coconut? Our creamy and wonderfully sweet custard pie is filled with tons of coconut and baked fresh in store!



05_SW_mini mango key lime pie_Image 4Mini Mango Key Lime Pie

This tropical goodness took home the championship in the Citrus category. Fresh mango flavor, key lime juice and sweetened condensed milk are blended to create the perfect combination of tart and sweet, nestled in a graham cracker crust. * Drool *


05_SW_toasted coconut_Image 5Mini Toasted Coconut Cream Pie

Bringing home the winning ribbon in the Open Cream category our Mini Toasted Coconut Pie doesn’t disappoint. A graham cracker crust filled with a creamy coconut custard and covered with whipped topping.



05_SW_NSA pumpkin pie_Image 6NSA Pumpkin Pie

Pie with no sugar added? WHAT?? This holiday classic won a blue ribbon in the No Sugar Added (NSA) Pumpkin Category. This pie is a Thanksgiving staple, or in our opinion always a staple. We don’t add any sugar to this pumpkin pie and it’s made with just the right amount of spices.



05_SW_key lime pie_Image 7Original Key Lime Pie

This is another of our repeat winners! This slice of Florida brought home bragging rights in the Premium Key Lime category. With its graham cracker crust and authentic Key Lime filling, it’s the perfect ending to a perfect meal.



05_SW_small blueberry pie_Image 8Small Blueberry Pie

Flaky crust filled with delicious blueberries is all it took for our Blueberry pie to bring home a winning title in the Fruit and Berry category. Serve it up as-is or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!



Other Publix bakery pies — like Cherry, Mixed Berry, Peach Cobbler and Dutch Apple — have also won past championship awards. We’re thankful for all the hard work our bakery teams have put into creating such wonderful desserts—and we hope you do too!

You’ll soon see a blue ribbon sticker on each of our award-winning pies. Tell your friends and family to grab a slice and a fork, and get ready to enjoy top-prize flavors. Which will you try first?

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Sasha W. began her career at Publix in 2007 as a cashier and has since gained experience in both Event Planning and Social Media – which is perfect, because the combination of those two interests are what drive the writing behind her favorite blog posts! A New England girl turned southern belle, Sasha loves taking her puppy on tropical adventures all throughout Florida. Describing herself as fifty percent manatee and fifty percent flamingo, Sasha hopes to bring fun and unique ideas to your future events!

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