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The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) estimates Americans will consume 150 million hot dogs this Independence Day. Whoa! With so many of these delicious dogs being consumed, I’m sure you’re ready for some new ways to enjoy your favorite handheld treats. We’re here to show you a few unique ways to incorporate hot dogs into your holiday celebration.


While history of how hot dogs came to be is still debated, the origin is traced back to butcher immigrants bringing European sausages to the United States. Now a staple in the U.S., hot dogs are prominently found at sports stadiums and celebrations held outdoors. The latest survey by the NHDSC reflects that approximately nine billion hot dogs were sold in retail stores last year. The NHDSC council estimates that if they added the nine billion hot dogs sold in retail stores to the hot dogs sold at stadiums, the number would be close to 20 billion per year — that’s a whole lotta dogs!


Now it’s time for the good stuff! Give these non-traditional recipes a try for some of the best hot dogs you’ll ever try. So get ready to think outside the box and try something new. Our Aprons team is here to help! Check out these yummy options.

Pretzel DogsPretzel-Crusted Dog

Plan for the big cookout with this super-tasty recipe. Ready in only 25 minutes, this delicious dog is quick and easy to make. In addition, since the dog and all its condiments are served already wrapped in a crescent roll bun, it’s mess-free for your guests to enjoy!




07_MJL_Hot_Dogs_BodyImage2Ultimate Hot Dog Slider

Sliders are a party favorite. They’re small and make guests feel like they’re not overeating. Give this unique hot dog-filled version a try at your next family gathering. For some extra added flair, add chili beans for flavor. You and your family won’t be disappointed!

Something to keep in mind is slicing the hot dogs in half so that they will be easier to place inside the buns


Pig tail hotdogs with Chicago style salsaPigtail Hot Dogs with Chicago-Style Salsa

Have a taste of the big city right in your very own backyard. When it comes to hot dogs, Chicagoans often feel like their version is the premier. With the Chicago-style salsa on top, these hot dogs are perfect for guests who need more on their dog than ketchup and mustard.



Seattle Style Hot DogsSeattle-Style Pigtail Hot Dogs

Cream cheese and hot dogs?! You heard it right. This delicious combination is a spicier version of your normal hot dog and includes onions, jalapenos and mustard. For those friends and family members who constantly crave heat, this is their go-to! Give it a try today.



Fun Facts

  • Hot dogs are the number one food item sold at stadiums.
  • Mustard is the favorite hot dog topping. Ketchup ranks second in the U.S.
  • Peak hot dog season is Memorial Day through Labor Day.
  • Did you know that there is an etiquette for eating hot dogs? Yes, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts for everyone to keep in mind. A few tips include:
  1. Do not use utensils to eat them.
  2. Always take more than five bites to finish a hot dog.
  3. Never serve hot dogs on your china set. Paper plates are recommended.


Next time you run out of dinner ideas, don’t forget that you can revamp the classic hot dog. By adding unique condiments or switching up the prep work, you can create a whole new dish with added flavors!


We gave you a few ideas to get started, now try creating more great ways to serve hot dogs in your next meal. Do you already have a unique hot dog recipe in mind? Share with us in the comments below.

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