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For the sweetest month of the year, we’ve chosen to highlight some of our favorite Publix candy products. Whether you prefer sweet, sour, chocolate or mint, we carry something for everybody’s different taste buds. Did you know we carry 15 different varieties of Publix candy? Listed below are some of our favorites.

Publix Gummi Bears: Yummy Bears. These tiny teddies aren’t grizzly — just great. Uniquely chewy, tastily tangy and cute to boot.

Publix Spice Drops: Zippy, zingy and zestful, these treats will perk up your mouth and put a spark in your step. Cinnamon, clove, anise, spearmint, sassafras and peppermint flavors, brought together in one bag for the sole purpose of brightening your day.

Publix Sour Gummi Worms: Pucker up. These colorful critters will worm their way into your affections with their sour sweetness and chewy texture. Not to mention the fun flavors: cherry-pineapple, orange-strawberry, and apple-lemon. Share a few and see how the smiles spread.

Publix Fruit Slices: In one bag, you get five naturally & artificially fruit flavored slices: cherry, grape, orange, lime and lemon. These sweeties are all ready to eat — no ripening necessary. Share them with your friends and you’ll harvest all sorts of appreciation.06_Post2_MJL_Candy Image_ 1


Publix Milk Chocolate Double-Dipped Peanuts: Pssssst! Here’s a sweet little secret. Inside each of these delicious chocolate candies is a perfect peanut with a touch of crunch and a ton of yum.

Publix Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds: Technically, almonds aren’t really nuts — they’re seeds of the fruit of the almond tree. But they don’t mind if you call them nuts, or if you love eating them when they’re covered with rich, delicious chocolate.

Publix Bridge Mix: All aboard if you’re all about milk chocolate-covered peanuts, malted milk balls, peanut toffee crunch, caramels, raisins and almonds. Oh, and dark chocolate-covered peanuts, vanilla crèmes and peanut toffee crunch.

Publix Milk Chocolate-Covered Raisins: Soar to great heights of enjoyment with these tasty treats. Each one combines the tangy sweetness of a raisin with the unsurpassed yumminess of chocolate.

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What’s your favorite Publix candy? Have you tried all 15 kinds? Let us know in the comments below. Use the hashtag, #PublixCandy on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured on our Social Media platforms.

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