Have you ever walked down the aisle and noticed how many fruit spread choices we have?  We offer a variety of jellies, jams and preserves, but when it comes down to it, most of us don’t really know the differences between them. While they have a lot of similarities, the difference comes down to what the spread is made from.

What’s the Difference?

Jelly is made from fruit juice and doesn’t contain any whole fruit or purees. It’s also the most even in consistency and usually doesn’t have seeds or pieces of fruit inside the jar.

Jam is made from fruit puree or smaller pieces of fruit, but doesn’t contain any whole fruit. It’s smooth enough to be spreadable, but normally has solid pieces of fruit and seeds inside.

Preserves are made from whole or big pieces of fruit, and because of this, it’s best served on toast or a pancake.

While there are differences in the spreads, they all go through a similar process when made. After the fruit is separated by type of spread and crushed, machines send the scrumptious concoction to cook. This is where the mixture is heated to just below the boiling point and then immediately chilled to just below freezing. Not only does this process keep the fruit in your spread from spoiling, but it helps create the natural sweetness and thickness in the blend. When the process is completed, your favorite spread is packaged and sent to your store to pick up and enjoy!

different kinds of jam

That’s Our Jam

Now that you understand how each are made, let’s put it all together! Jellies, jams and preserves don’t have to be limited to sandwiches and breakfast pastries. One great pairing is to enjoy jams and jellies with cheese. Check out how to make the perfect cheese plate for your next party!

Here are a few of our favorites to try serving with your favorite crackers or bread.

Jam and Jelly Pairings

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