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It’s time for a change! In ice cream flavors, that is. A new batch of our limited edition ice cream flavors is finally here, and boy do we have delicious tastes for you to try. While the weather heats up, let us help you cool down. We take pride in creating and producing exciting and delicious flavors for our customers each year, and our limited edition line is one of our favorite parts of doing just that!

CandyBar-ClassicCandy Bar Classic

Creamy nougat flavored ice cream with thick swirls of caramel and chocolate covered peanuts. With these classic ingredients, this is sure to become one of your favorites.


PeanutButterPeanut Butter Pie

Enjoy this rich flavor with swirls of Mackinac peanut butter cookie ribbon and milk chocolate-flavored pieces.


HulaHula Hula

One of our favorite flavors made with whipped cream ice cream and layered with ribbons of luscious caramel with sweet bites of macadamia.


Blueberry_Cobbler copyBlueberry Cobbler

This ice cream is sure to taste like home. You’ll enjoy the rich blueberry flavored ice cream and swirls of chunky blueberry ribbon mixed with pieces of sugar-rolled pie crust.


Chocolate_CookieQuarryChocolate Cookie Quarry

For our chocolate lovers this ice cream is the perfect treat. Chocolate ice cream with a chocolate cookie swirl and pieces of cookies and cream.

NewOrleans_CaramelPralineNew Orleans Praline

Enjoy the flavors of New Orleans with this brown sugar-flavored ice cream with swirls of thick caramel and crunchy praline pecans.




There you have it, our limited edition ice cream flavors are now available at your local Publix. Do you have a favorite you want to share with us? Or maybe brag on how many flavors you tried last season? Share with us in the comments below!

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