Don’t let leftovers go to waste — turn them into Pretzel Dogssomething surprising and delicious. You can shred leftover chicken and use it for a sandwich or wrap. Or if you have rotisserie chicken from last night’s dinner, try our Fiesta Chicken Roll Ups recipe. Leftover taco meat makes for a great kid-friendly Doritos taco salad.

Another great idea is to use up leftover pretzel crumbs in the bottom of the bag. Try this different take on pigs in a blanket with our Pretzel Crusted Dogs recipe.



06_19_MB_Summertime_Image 2Preparing ahead is not only easy and affordable, it’s a great way to save time on busy days, you’ll thank yourself for planning ahead. Try making bento box lunches the night before for a quick and convenient lunch based on your child’s nutritional needs.

Another great option is to cook Ham and Cheese Crescents the night before and simply heat in the microwave the next day. For a sweeter side dessert option for your childs lunches, check out our No-Bake Blueberry Bites.


On The Go

06_19_MB_Summertime_Image 3Summertime can mean a full schedule of daily events, leaving little time to sit down and eat lunch at home. On-the-go meals that don’t include take-out can save your wallet and your day. Try making dips in mason jars for a quick on-the-go treat. One of our favorite recipes is our Peanut Butter Dip with Apple Slices. You can also fill mason jars with layered salads of any kind. Don’t forget to pack a fork, or keep a pack of plasticware in your car!

Sometimes on-the-go works best with snacking until your next meal. Check out these options for portable snacking.


Food Art

06_19_MB_Summertime_Image 4 RESIZESome staple lunches can be twisted into fun food art to make them more enticing for your child. Simple kitchen tools can turn plain into pizazzed! Use a cookie cutter to cut cheese slices into fun designs. You can also use larger cutters to shape peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. With piping bags, try decorating food using thicker condiments such as peanut butter, hummus, or guacamole to make fun swirls on fruit slices or crackers. If you’re feeling really creative, check out our cute twist on deviled eggs.


Kid Chef

06_19_MB_Summertime_Image 5Who doesn’t love a pair of helping hands? Bring your kids in the kitchen and have fun letting them make their own lunches, building memories and filling tummies with recipes like our Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza or PB&J Snack Pizzas. If your child is feeling creative, pick up some pizza dough in our bakery with a jar of sauce and let them pick out their own toppings to make their own creation.



With all these fun and creative recipes, give yourself some more time in the sun and less time cooking Share with us some of your favorite summertime recipes you and your family enjoy!

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