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There’s no doubt that pets hold a special place in our hearts. They become part of the family the moment they are brought home but bringing a new pet into your home can be one of the most stressful times of being a pet owner. According to the Humane Society, it can take up to two months for new pets and owners to adjust to each other. The adjustment period can be trying for even the most experienced pet owner. No need to worry though, we’ve got the ultimate survival guide for bringing your new cat or dog home. If you’re a first-time pet owner, we’ve got tips for you too!

Gather Supplies

You can never be too prepared for your new fur baby! In fact, preparation is key to making this new transition go as smoothly as possible. Gather supplies such as pet food, litter, a collar with identification tag, treats, water bowls and toys before bringing the newest family member home. Trust us, once you start spending time with your new friend, you won’t want to leave their side! Get started with these 10 must-have products:








Prepare the House

Depending on age and breed, you may have valuables you need to move to higher places or out of reach. Begin thinking of the house rules you want to enforce such as: will pets be allowed on the couch, are any rooms off limits, who will let the dog out first in the morning and who will check food and water levels? Establishing house rules and routines ahead of time will help with the adjustment period.


Plan Out the Arrival

Try to pick a weekend or time when you can be home for a couple of days. Spending quality time together will help with the bonding process. If you’re already a pet owner, it’s important to include your other pets in this quality bonding time. Consult your vet for tips on introducing your current pets with your new one.


Enjoy Your New Buddy!

You’re finally ready to bring your new fur baby home! Enforce the house rules you established during your preparations and stick with the routine that works best for the both of you. Remember to remain patient during the adjustment period, but most importantly be sure to enjoy every minute with your new four-legged friend! Our guide of pet tips will provide even more helpful tips for pet owners.

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