If your vacation plans this summer include camping, we have some tips to keep your trip clean and green. Sustainability is a major part of Publix culture. We believe in meeting today’s demands without compromising what’s essential for tomorrow. We want to help you incorporate earth-friendly habits into not only your home life, but your life away from home as well. Keep reading for tips on integrating green habits into your camping routine.

  • When camping, do your best to protect campsite water sources, such as lakes or streams, from contamination by not using them to wash dishes, clothes, or yourself. Instead, use a basin and a small amount of biodegradable soap. You can then dump the wastewater at least 25 yards from the natural waterways. Also, protect plant and wildlife habitats by camping at least 200 feet from lakes and streams.
  • Speaking of biodegradable soap, swap out your regular shampoo, body washes, and toothpastes for more biodegradable options—products that can easily be broken down into small parts by natural processes in the environment. And don’t forget to pack your eco-friendly sunscreen and bug repellent! Look for items that minimize or eliminate the use of harsh chemicals.
  • If possible, don’t bring too many electronics when you head out to enjoy nature – particularly, items that will need to be hooked up to your car or another source of electricity. If you’re bringing an air mattress along that will need to be inflated, think about using a foot pump instead of an electric one. Not only will you be saving electricity, you’ll be getting in some exercise, too!
  • Take some time to make a menu for each day you’ll be camping and make a shopping list. On your list be sure to add large water containers that can be refilled versus smaller plastic water bottles. Another great idea is to bring reusable silverware, plates, and cookware instead of disposable plates and cups. Making a list can help you reduce food waste while on your trip. In addition, plan your route ahead of time to save gas.
  • Here at Publix we currently use solar energy in several of our facilities to aid our conservation efforts. You can use solar energy too when you’re out in the wilderness camping. There are many solar powered products on the market including solar charged lanterns, radios, backpacks, and tents.
  • 06_14_AJ_Camping_Image 2If you plan to burn a fire, do so only when necessary and be sure to watch for burn bans. You can incur hefty fines if you don’t abide by the rules in your area.
  • One final tip: be sure to take trash with you so animals don’t eat things that may harm them, like plastic. Try using reusable or eco-friendly bags to transport your garbage and dispose in appropriate areas.


We hope your summer brings days filled with fun . Be sure to share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so we can see how you maintain a green routine when you’re out and about.


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