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When it comes to entertaining, switch up your traditional go-to appetizer recipes and create a beautiful meat and cheese masterpiece — a charcuterie board! “Charcuterie” describes any kind of cured meat. A “charcuterie board” is the assortment of meats accompanied by cheeses, fruits, breads and garnishes. When creating your own, include different kinds of meats, … (Read the full story)

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When it comes to entertaining, some of us have our tried and true recipes and hosting ideas. Why not switch up your go-to appetizers with a different approach — a cheese plate? It’s easy to add something everyone will love and a cheese plate lends a sophisticated touch to any party. Keep reading for more … (Read the full story)

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Many of us have heard of Wisconsin cheddar cheese, but what about Wisconsin goat cheese? Our goat cheese is manufactured in Belmont, Wisconsin — a charming village known for its picturesque farms and rolling hills, which are representative of how Belmont got its name; “Belle Monte” French for “beautiful hill”.  Keep reading for more info … (Read the full story)