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Large pumpkins stacked outsidePublix store

Pumpkin is a fruit (that’s right, a fruit – and also a squash and gourd) that is typically associated with Thanksgiving, especially in the form of pumpkin pie. Perhaps this is because, according to experts, pumpkin was most likely served at the first Thanksgiving feast. However, it was probably enjoyed a little differently than a … (Read the full story)

A pumpkin, a parfait, 2 whole apples and apple slices, flowers and pumpkin spice pretzels laying on white background

As the leaves begin to change colors and the air begins to cool, your produce team is getting ready for fall. They’ve added a variety of pumpkin and apple treats you’ve been craving all year. Here are some of our favorite fall items, including mums and flowers, now available at your local store. New! Pumpkin … (Read the full story)