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Tall cake covered in multi-shade blue sprinkles with a unicorn horn, ears and eyes on a gold platter, with gold serving utensils and forks.

There’s nothing like a sweet treat to make your day extra special! If you’re someone who loves a fresh cake from your local Publix for every birthday, holiday or just-because occasion, we have some great news for you: There are now even more cakes to choose from! Our new Towering Tiers cakes are the picture-perfect … (Read the full story)

As summer comes to an end, don’t miss out on the chance to satisfy your summertime sweet tooth one last time. Available now through September, these limited-time treats combine bright, tangy citrus flavors with tropical favorites like pineapple and coconut to bring the tropics to your local Publix Bakery. Key Lime Cookies Irresistible shortbread cookies brimming with Key lime bits and cream cheese chips, finished with a dust of powdered sugar. Chocolate Pecan Cookies … (Read the full story)

Never been to a Publix? Wondering what to buy and what to try? You’ve come to the right place! We have locations in seven states across the Southeast near some of the country’s most popular destinations and attractions. So, we welcome first-time customers every day. If you plan on making your way to a Publix … (Read the full story)

Aprons Cooking School classes are an absolute blast. The chefs are talented, the dishes are delicious, and the cooking tips are invaluable! What if we told you that you can enjoy this experience even if you can’t attend a class in person? Maybe you’ve always wanted to check out an Aprons Cooking School class, or you’re just looking for opportunities to find … (Read the full story)