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Do you typically stop by your local deli department for a quick bite to eat for lunch or dinner? Maybe a Pub Sub with a tea or lemonade or some popcorn chicken with potato wedges? If so, you’re going to love this news! We have five new deli hot case items for you to try. Who knows, you may find a new favorite! Publix Deli Eggplant Rollatini … (Read the full story)

There’s never a bad time for some delicious smoked barbecue! Our deli features some of the best restaurant-style smokehouse selections to choose from, including St. Louis-style ribs, traditional split chicken, pulled pork and an array of delicious sides. We offer only the tastiest sauces that pair perfectly with any smokehouse meat you select. Choose from … (Read the full story)

Toast is much more than bread and butter. That simple piece of bread can be topped with delicious combinations to create the perfect snack or even meal. We’ve got you covered for breakfast, lunch or even a sweet treat. Check out some of our favorite toast combinations! Hummus This toast is packed with protein and … (Read the full story)

There’s nothing quite as exciting as the sizzling sound of fajitas cooking in a skillet. Okay, there might be some things that are just as exciting, but if you’re a fajita lover like I am then you know the feeling! This dish was originally made with skirt steak, but today there are a variety of … (Read the full story)