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Publix premium logo above carton of ice cream, wrapped beef, container of hazlenut spread and box of seafood meal on white background.

If you’re a Publix shopper, you’ve probably noticed Publix Premium products in our stores. Their unique packaging and wide availability across store departments make them hard to miss. But Publix Premium is more than just a fancy title. And now we’ve got you wondering: What makes a product “premium”? Publix Premium products must adhere to strict standards. They are often new and innovative products within their category, so you can expect unique varieties or flavorings with differentiated attributes. The products are created with … (Read the full story)

Cooking barbecue can be intimidating. With all the different cuts of meats and a variety of ways to prepare them, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Many home cooks are also wary of the time commitment and special equipment often associated with cooking barbecue. But you don’t necessarily need a fancy smoker to perfect these dishes. … (Read the full story)